Paper plate snowman & cup reindeer – Craft class

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paper plate snowman craft christmas

We are continuing our winter themed craft session this whole month. This class, we made paper cup reindeer and a paper plate Snowman. Rudolph , the reindeer is from happy hooligans. We used paper cups instead of TP rolls.

You’ll need –

  1. Two white paper plates in different sizes
  2. Orange foam for the nose
  3. Googly eyes
  4. Black paper for the hat
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue
  7. Double sided tape
  8. Satin ribbon
  9. Accents
  10. Markers

To make

  1. Stick two plates  together using double sided tape. You can even staple it.
  2. Glue the eyes, foam nose, hat  and other accents
  3. Tie a ribbon round the neck
  4. Draw a smiley mouth using markers.

Here are the happy faces

Snowman craft class

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