7 Lovely Ways to Display Your Family Photos

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7 Lovely Ways to Display Your Family Photos & Cherished Photos – Unique Photo Display Ideas That Will Bring Your Memories To Life

Same walls all the way through the year? Bored of seeing pictures with wooden frames in some corner of your house? Looking for encouragement to produce an appealing ambiance? 

Bring cherished photos out of albums and onto the walls where you can appreciate them every day. You can start by changing your decorations in the living room area first. photos need not be placed in some corner they can be the main focus like in the Julian interiors photo frame in brass.

7 Lovely Ways to Display Your Family Photos




Unusual photo frames to make use of ignored corners.






Pictures make a room warm, inviting &  personal. Try displaying family photos for instant environmental appeal.






Are you confused about how to arrange pictures so that they don’t look cluttered?  Mellissa has defined simple templates that can be followed to give a cool chic effect.

Kids’ room requires more color and photo frames can be fun too.  The latest trend is to use wall decor as photo frames.

Enjoy creating your Memory wall!!


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  1. I adore the brass frames, they are absolutely gorgeous! They look especially good with the sepia tone pictures. Or are they black and white? Either way, they look great.

  2. Hi DD,
    I personally love the yellow wall and black frame … enjoy your take on dealing with interior s … 🙂

    Hi rajee, Thanks for dropping by. I am really inspired by ur blog. very original ideas. Just collectings decor ideas i Love! Hope to see you around.

  3. Hey – love this blog! What a cool idea…I’m sure to keep coming back for more inspiration.
    Hi, divya 🙂 thanks for dropping by. Will be updating everyweek.. do keep visiting.

  4. Welcome, looks like you have a great blog. How did you find me? I look forward to getting to know you, so don’t be a stranger.
    🙂 I’m still a newbie. thanks for those kind words and for dropping by. I followed your blog from vasuda dilip’s blog ‘cherishing spaces’