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Thanks to Abha, who had a fabulous Puppet show as part of Cub’s 4th birthday, Lil P was inspired to have her own puppet show. Every night we had to hear stories … Here is what she drew .. She stuck 2 icecream sticks below each A4 sheet and that was her setup and prop.
Lil p ‘s imaginary friend (extreme right) who is a boy and is 5 years old already and then Lil P  ( to his right) all playing football. each has a football so that they don’t fight .. They are all her day care friends
 Story of Meena & Lil p rt bottom. The wavy patterns is water puddles.. there is a rainbow , smiling  sun, the circles next to the house are raindrops .. They are so happy because there is a lot of water to play with ( dark blue area) . The square at bottom left is a bus.. and the stars are tickets for the puppet show.
 A scene from our apartment .. City picture – 2 friends happily playing. Bottom square is again a bus..
A scene at the beach.. the wavy patterns are waves the black area is a sand pit. Its Lil p’s happy family. Mom dad, and both sets of grandparents
This is a painting of her room. top left her 3 toys – teddy bear , dora & rabbit. The rectangle with boxes is the window with curtain.. The square lower bottom is the TV with her fav program running – CBeebies. The yellow blue and white are her 3 dolls – urvi, mahi & tina. The rectangle at lower left is her bed.
Sheela is the story teller. Telling a story of kids playing in the park. Can you see some swings?? The grey lines is sand ..
My God! what imagination these kids have! 🙂

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  1. Like mother like daughter…no doubts there…

    Off topic- yesterday afternoon,out of the blue, A wanted to go and play with Li’ P, because she invited A home itseems…:-)

  2. So adorably cute 🙂
    Love the idea of each player having a football so taht they don’t fight lol! very very cute!

  3. @Swapna: haha. Do come by pls.. Lil P invited A at anush’s bday.
    @Uma: I know.. But that just shows how much she hates sharing her things 😉
    @Vidya: As a mother I’m really proud.. cos its done entirely on her own..
    @R’s mom: I’m glad she is exploring out of the box..
    @Lohit: Lets just not go there shall we? 😉