Rain Woes

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Its that time of the year again.. Its cool, its raining , amazing play of clouds and sunlight.. Earlier this used to be one of my fav seasons.. rains would bring lovely memories of hot coffee and garam bhajjis.. yumm..

but ever since lil P has come into our lives, this particular season has been the bane of our woes… rains bring with them germs.. n with them.. cold, cough n fever.

Most parents have experienced this scenario: You wake up in the middle of the night to find your child standing by your bed, flushed, hot, and sweaty. Your little one’s forehead feels warm. You immediately suspect a fever, but are unsure of what to do next. Should you get out the thermometer? Call the doctor?

I have found this site to be a very good reference when I’m in doubt. Now that Lil P has started school, i need to keep referencing this site more often than not. Also I have found a really good Pediatrician, Dr. Sandeep Jathanna ( M: 9845980204) who practices at Kormangala, Blore.

Some home remedies that have helped.. I boil tulasi ( black ones if available) and give the boiled and cooled water to sip on.. Must have at home – eucalytus oil ( nilgiri oil) .. I have a steamer that i frequently use.. Most parents wonder how to make sure their kid inhale steam.. I use it once lil P falls asleep . . Put a few drops of nilgiri oil and put steamer on near the bed about 2 feet away. Put some drops on her T-Shirt too.. atleast that gives both of us a good nights sleep. I have heard haldi in warm milk helps sore throats.. Never worked with lil P as she hates milk!!

With P the next challenge is how do we get her to take her medicines.. She will scream, writhe her body with the energy of 10 wrestlers, if nothing else works, she will vomit the med out. It gives me nightmares just imagining abt her next episode of sickness.. Hubby dearest has more experience here.. most of the times lil P is screaming that she doesn’t want her med .. n i’m screaming, pleading, coaxing, dhamkaofying, bribing and finally crying at the whole desperation of the situation. Finally PC ( Hubby dearest).. comes up with some new trick to make her take it.. sometimes its sugar , sometimes bella ( jaggery) .. sometimes its a walk in the building garden ( at 3AM) that does the trick.

As a working mother its a constant struggle to maintain a healthy work life balance. And when Lil P is sick, its tougher … i have spend many days at office really frustrated and wanting to quit n go home to my baby.. Thankfully at Oracle ( Where I work) the work culture is very women friendly! I have realised one thing though – I’m no super woman and I shudn’t try to be one.. Some days are great, some not so great. Just learn to take 1 day at a time..

Heres hoping that this rainy season brings back memories of hot coffee and pakodas *touchwood*

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  1. thanks so much for your note. I found your article when doing some research for Dr Sandeep. My lil son was down with fever and we were looking for a doc in Kmgla.. just came back after showing to Dr. Sandeep and he sounded good and told us to not worry much. Viral has its term and it will do the term :-).