Rajasthan trip

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Thank you all for the lovely comments here ..The reasons for my absence however were many –  One, I had a major release happening at office. Two, I’m moving to a different team from 1st Dec and the transition work had to be completed before I moved. Three, We went on a  Rajasthan trip – A crazy 9 day , 7 cities,  5 state trip with a Big wedding bang in the middle of it all…  and finally it was our 6th Wedding anniversary this Sunday..  Phew! Thinking abt it is itself hectic!We travel a LOT.. I’ve just not been able to post abt it very often, that’s all.

Ok so this was our trip details


More details and pics in the next post..

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  1. Rajasthan has been on my list like for ages, and is just nt happening 🙁 I am so J of all that hectic travel u hv done 🙂 Awesome! Waiting for the pics 🙂

    Happy Anniversary once again 🙂

  2. Wow – i am impressed with the road trip that you guys did. Did you drive down yourself or rented a driver and car? My hubby keeps telling me to drive across states but I get too bored if he is the one driving and I am the one babysitting. Tell me more abt how you do it!

  3. @Swaram: My husband is crazy abt traveling.. Me – not so much. I wanted to see Taj for a long long time and when my friend announced that shez getting married in Agra, I jumped at the opportunity. then my sis n mom WANTED to see Udaipur.. so that got added.. n because we now have a shiny new camera.. Hubby added Bharathpur & ranthambore to the list.

    @Divs.. I know what u mean!! We took a flight to Ahmedabad and then hired a innova with a driver to drive us around. My mom came along so baby sitting duties were shared.

  4. Awaiting a detailed account of your trip to Rajasthan.. Its been there on the list for a while.. And good to see you back!

  5. Baap rey..you went to the whole of India or what! Super great you are! pictures?

    *Falls at your feet, then decides to actually fall at Lil’P’s feet*

  6. Wow! Suuper! Its ok if you cant post the details but surely you can do a picture post like the one you had done for rottikallu na? – come on – i will be waiting…

    We’ve been planning Rajasthan trip in Feb next year and it was great to see this post from you.Especially want to spend a day at the Taj Udaipur… Its on my bucket list! 🙂