Recycled Magazine Bead Necklace and paper plate bird Anand Vidyalaya –

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This week at the Anand Vidyalaya, it was rather chaotic but in a good way I guess.. There was a slight confusion and the paint items reached late.. The initial plan was to paint bottles & stuff ties.. But if I’ve learned something it is to think on my feet, so we improvised with the stuff we had & recycled a  magazine to make paper beads & the younger kids recycled party crepe ribbons and paper plates to make some sprightly birds. I’m just leaving you guys with the pics from this week.

Tutorial – Paper Bead Necklace from the CreativeJewishMom
            – Paper plate bird – from my craft class 6

AnandVidyalaya Paper bead necklace
The Paper Bead Necklaces


8 AnandVidyalaya
The younger kids with their paper plate birds
The kids making them
2 AnandVidyalaya


Showing off their creations


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