Republic Day Tri-color Crafts To Make And Do

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Happy Republic Day to all the Indian folks out there. At home, we look forward to this day eagerly. One, its a holiday and two, Lil P loves to make crafts that symbolizes India.  The day started off with a flag hoisting ceremony in our apartment. Lil P loved dressing up in white, orange and green. We tied tri-color rubber bands and carried our own paper flags.Here are a few fun things we made today that you can try out with your kids.

Republic Day Tri-color Crafts To Make And Do

Make a tricolor salad – Cut carrots, radish & cucumber in circles. Arrange on a plate and serve.

Make a tricolor sandwich – Take two slices of  bread. Apply carrot puree on one side and mint chutney on another. Layer the two slices on top of each other with a cheese slice in between. Cut into triangles to reveal  tri-colour sandwiches.

Make tricolor idlis using carrot puree & palak puree.

Make a tricolor friendship band – Take orange, white and green wool strands 10 inches long. Tie a knot at one end and weave into a plait to form a long band. Knot the other end to keep firmly in place.


Make a tricolor thumbprint bookmark –

  1. Cut a white cardstock  1 inch wide and 4 inches long.
  2. Make a hole at the top using a punch or a fork.
  3. Color the thumb in orange using acrylic colors or tempera colors taking care not to make it too runny. The thicker the paint, better the thumb print. You can alternately use washable stamp pads available at arts and craft stores.
  4. Place a thumbprint onto the bookmark angled 30 degrees to the left and the next one on top of the first but 30 degrees right to form a heart.
  5. Repeat with green color to form another heart below the first.
  6. String a golden ribbon for the bookmark.

How do you celebrate Republic day ? Did you make any new crafts? I’d love to see them. Do drop me a comment below or email your creations to my email id. I would love to showcase them.

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