Lenovo CG Slate: Reviewing India’s Latest Educational Tablet

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The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play“, said noted historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee and he was absolutely right. When our kids are toddlers, we encourage them to play. We get them all kinds of developmental and educational toys in the hopes of expanding their cognitive function and helping them learn.

But once kids start school, this line becomes more pronounced than ever. From then on, we have play time and study time – two mutually exclusive parts of a child’s life that inevitably lead to the former  taking on a positive light and the latter a negative one.

But what if there was a magic tool that could make these two intrinsically linked together?

Well! now, we do. Presenting,

cg slate kit-12

The Lenovo CG Slate is a complete educational tablet with child-friendly books, educational videos, games, worksheets, cartoons and movies in the Kids Zone.

Here’s a short video about the product:

I ordered the CG Slate Lenovo Grade 3-5 8 GB 7 inch model for my 5th Grader. While Miss P is pretty smart and understands the concepts taught at school quite well, she tends to get bored very easily. My goal to review this tablet was to see if it would help make learning fun for her again.

The CG Slate Lenovo Grade 3-5 8 GB 7 inch model

This is a Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20 customized with features and apps offering interactive learning to kids. The tablet comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system and 1.3GHz quad-core processor, the tablet has 8GB internal storage and 32GB expandable memory along with 1GB RAM.

CG SLATE specs

In addition to the tablet, each box contains

  • A coaster set (4 pieces)
  • A Titu Fridge Magnet
  • A Titu Key Chain
  • Titu Stickers
  • Titu Name Slips
  • Titu Bookmark
  • A 3D Titu DIY Figurine

Incentive-driven self-learning environment

CG Slate Main screen1

CG Slate provides an intrinsic motivation for kids by tying together play time and learn time. The more the kids learn, the more their play time increases. By learning more, they also earn coins that can be used to purchase fun toys from the Shop Zone.

What I really love about the CG Slate

  • Comprehensive subject coverage
    With NCERT mapped digital learning, a wide range of subjects are covered – each concept is explained with TITU’s help, a brilliant fox, who guides kids through animations, quests, puzzles, gamification and interactive technology.
    The Grade 5 Math for example, first displays all grade 5 Math chapters, then each chapter is further divided into Stages and each stage further has concepts taught in detail, then a Q & A with the Guess Karo section & finally a Task Karo section. Each screen has both text & voice over so that even smaller kids can do the tasks without parent’s help. Each chapter further unlocks the next level.
    output ivXg2T
  • Additional Resources for Competetive Exams
    Even before the concepts are taught at school, Miss P now has complete learning of the subjects. This will come in real handy while preparing for ASSET, Olympiads, and other competitive exams.
    CG SLATE-subjects
  • CG slate offers Complete Parental Control
    A tab for me & an educational toy for my daughter – I don’t have to worry about her watching too many cartoons, the Play zone is earned fun time. After that time’s up, it’s back to the learn zone to brush up some new concepts.The CG slate has curated content in all zones, so I don’t have to worry about her accidently getting exposed to age inappropriate material.
  • As a parent, I am constantly in the loop.
    CG Slate report
    Now I don’t have to nag my daughter if she finished reading a particular chapter or if she understood the concepts. I get an SMS each time she unlocks a level. I have complete access to her reports to review at a later stage.
  • Value for Money
    If you consider the actual cost of the Lenovo tab + a separate SD card , the CG slate has all of this + the educational app that’s invaluable. This is exclusively available on Flipkart. Grab it now cos the first 1,000 customers are eligible for an Early Bird Discount of 12% and the tablet would cost them INR 7,499 instead of the MRP which is INR 8,499.  This gets a big thumbs up from me!


  • Sometimes the software hangs and gives a message “loading” even though the story or the app is running in the background. A quick restart fixes it easily.
  • If you have 2 kids – one in grades 1-3 and another in grades 3+ , then you need to buy 2 separate tablets. But come to think of it, both kids would not want to share a single tablet anyway! It’s going to be that popular.
  • My daughter asked this question – What happens when I complete all the levels and chapters? Going by the speed at which she is devouring the concepts, I think it’s a valid concern. What next? I hope ConveGenius team is listening and is already planning an app upgrade to the chapters.

Final Verdict

The Pros outweigh the Cons by a large margin and don’t really diminish the amazing engaging gameplay and immersive experiences that CG Slate provides.

cg slate-007

We definitely give it an “Approved” stamp!

Quick Links

Product : CG Slate Lenovo Grade 3-5 8 GB 7 inch model
Price: INR 8,499 (early bird discount for first 1,000 customers, price for them is INR 7,499)
Purchase LinkFlipkart
Product website www.cgslate.com

Every parent wants to see their child grow up to be a good, balanced human being who succeeds in life. But for this, we need to take away the sense of drudgery associated with studying and help our kids actually find delight in learning about new things and the world around them. Tools like the CG Slate go a long way in inculcating the right attitude to learning from a young age and soon it’s not going to be about study time v/s play time – it’s all going to be happy time!

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