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When Lil P was born, our joy knew no bounds.. We were sooo excited that we wanted to buy everything for her [ it did not matter to us if she really needed all those dresses and toys as a baby just a few weeks old]. That’s when few of my colleagues approached me and asked rather meekly.. “would you mind using some of the stuff that our kids are no longer using?” .. N i said!! OF COURSE NOT!!! Its true that we could easily afford all that stuff but something shared with joy is most welcome 🙂 .. N so the past 3 years have been a journey of sharing joys and toys ..
From Nice satin dresses , sweaters, toys, rattles, books, cribs, buggy, rocker, high chair, walkers, baby gym, to the latest Cycle.. I want to thank my friends Sandhya ( For the walker, rocker and high chair) .. Lohit (For sweaters, dresses, cycle) .. Pradeepa ( For the innumerable toys, buggy, crib, books) .. test1and many other friends (Mini, Reema, Arvind, Mohana, Rahman) who have shared our joys 🙂 and wiped our tears in times when we needed support… you guys rock!!

I have followed in their steps and passed along a lot of Lil P’s stuff to other friends too.

test2 I know its nothing great .. when there are lot of people who are sharing the same things with people who can’t afford them. I do admire them. The same people that I have mentioned above have also done a lot of charity work at govt schools and orphanages. But i don’t want to write it in this post.. They deserve a separate post.

For now, here is a big Thank you from my side!! 🙂 I love u guys!

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  1. I remember when My lil one was born and you called me up to share all the important tips of mothercare and its you who gave me some cute stuffs of lil P which were then lil M’s n the chain continued then on. Thanks a lot for everthing.
    We too love u n ur lil P a lot. …….. n this lovely post too :0)


  2. Recycling of toys is really great! Sharing is such a beautiful thing. You are very lucky that you have so many friends with kids around the same age.

    I plan to donate all of Ash’s toys/books/clothes after a few years to some orphanage.

  3. Very Sweet Post. WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR … and there is so much joy in sharing. You have been there whenever I needed a friend. Thankyou for being there for me!