Small Joys

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Small Joys

  • Watching PC & Lil P sleeping with their arms around each other..
  • Hearing PC’s heartbeat just before I fall asleep..
  • Giving kisses n biggg hugs for no reason at all
  • PC’s ability to calm me down when I’m really agitated.
  • Listening to suprabhatam first thing in the morning
  • Garam bhajjis n coffee on a rainy day
  • The scent of freshly baked bread near an iyengar bakery
  • The dew drops on a freshly bloomed rose
  • The bouganvilla canopy at MG road (alas! no more!)
  • Mom’s homecooked meals!
  • The beach 500 yards from IL’s house
  • The hills, the valleys, the clouds … a wet foggy day.
  • Long drives to nowhere..
  • Comfort of a good book & old hindi songs
  • Family and friends to share the love.

I recently met an old acquaintance. Shez in a good job, living in one of the metros, successful, married for 4 years. I always thought wow! Shes so successful, she must be really happy. We got talking abt kids and she remarked that she still had so much to do.. she wanted to buy a big house.. a car .. save up enough money.. then she would plan for kids .She was right to think that way I guess. But It got me thinking.. When we got married and moved into a new house all we had was a bed and a TV!! And we were happy! .. Lil P was part of our life on our first anniversary.. n we were happy!.. We bought our first car bcos we wanted Lil P to be comfortable.. we moved into our own flat on lil P’s 1st birthday.. Somehow things fell into place so beautifully. That day I felt thankful for all the small joys in my life.


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  1. Money and luxury is never enough. Its a car and a house now, then it’l be multiple cars, servants, club memberships and alas, all our little joys keep getting postponed!
    Your list is lovely 🙂

  2. Lovely list. And btw am happy how things fell in place for you. I believe in the old adage “if god brings you to it, he will take you through it”. So you can never plan too much in life. And btw thanks for adding me to your list of blogs!

  3. I could very well relate to this post! 🙂
    Long ago I realised that it is really not material things that make on happy but indeed the small joys.

  4. @swaram & Meira : I dunno I felt sad for her and wanted to explain what i though.. but maybe she wouldn’t have understood. n if that gave her happiness then so be it. 🙂

  5. @divs : So true. I have said the same thing in my post “Life’s lessons” .. and u r Welcome! I love to read about lil N and that u stay in blore too makes it more fun 🙂
    @ Preeti : Thanks for dropping by. I LOOOOOOOOVED your handmade cards n the thought behind it. Really inspiring. Will keep dropping by and you do the same.