Snowman Theme Birthday Party

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It’s been a while since I typed up a blog post on my own blog.  Shruti has been goading me for quite sometime to get back into the groove, but with 3 kids and ever growing list of baking/crafting/cooking/cleaning leaves me with very little time for writing!  Hope to get to the one-a-day posts eventually.  Thank you Shruti for this opportunity of a guest post!

My second daughter Radhika comes up with the most challenging themes for her birthday celebration.  This year around she wanted a Snowman Theme Birthday Party ( as if having a daily snow shower was not enough!).  Although initially I was baffled, quick google searches showed that this madness affected many kids!  Lots of brainstorming and organizing later,  we celebrated her snow birthday in all its white glory! Did not realize that white was so colourful till the celebration actually 🙂  Below are pictures of her birthday celebrations –


The Snowman Theme Birthday Party  invite that went out to everyone. I drafted a poem, that my husband printed out with all the special effects.  We pasted this onto paper plates and handed it to the kids a couple of days in advance. The children were supposed to bring the plates back so we could make snowman face masks with them.

Snowman Theme Birthday Party invite

When the kids arrived on her birthday, they were greeted by a plastic snowman on the front door.  Inside were decorations that my family helped me make, especially amma who spent quite sometime making coffee filter snowflakes. A wall of snowmen wishing my daughter on her birthday were displayed in the cake cutting area –


Snowman Theme party - snowflakes

snowman party

I tried to stick with an all white menu for both snacks and food.  Snacks was popcorn, white chips and white dip, cookies and juice.  The Birthday Cake was a snowman cake – vanilla cake with chocolate ganache icing and banana pudding icing, covered in vanilla fondant..

Snowman Theme Birthday Party Cake

After the snacks the kids got to make some crafts, a foam “Build your own snowman” and making a snowmaface mask(although this was made mostly by me and a couple of other moms)


 Snowman name tags

We played a couple of games – Stick the carrot nose on the snowman(a door was converted into a snowman! ) and stuff balloons into some willing “snowman” dads!


This was followed by snowman cake cutting and eating dinner. Dinner was coconut rice, curd rice, mac and cheese, idlis and mini idlis, white chutney and sambar, chips and pickles.


Return gifts were mostly purchased and were based on the snowman theme.  I made a personalized snowman fridge magnet out of battery operated tea lights and used up milk can lids as part of the return gift. I enjoyed making this and the kids also enjoyed playing with it once they received their return favours!  Mission accomplished!!!.  Each child also got homemade snowman cookies and candies 🙂




Whew! Quite a long post and lots of pictures. Once again Shruti, thanks so much for goading me and ensuring that I shared this! It would not have seen a blog otherwise 🙂

Ciao for now,



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