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It all started with an email last week-
“Dear Shruti,
I am the editor at XYZ Company*, a children’s publishing house based in ABC*, India. I came across your blog recently. We are looking for an illustrator for a new series, and I was wondering if you’d be interested. If you are, I would be happy to send you more information about the series and the project.
Warm regards,


*name changed

Naturally I was overjoyed..I had almost decided not to do it with all the commitments – a full time job, a 3 year old , in laws visiting and a project deadline at office. It was my sister – Thank you Sphoo!! who insisted that I should give it a try and even offered to come home and stay with me for a week to guide and take care of Lil P while I doodled. You are a sweetheart. Hugss.

Now the story was a tamilnadu folktale .. and I have no idea about tamil customs and rituals. I would like to thank Art to providing many many links for me and providing constant guidance and support. I owe you a treat and a big hug. Thank you. 🙂

Even though this project did not work out, I learnt a lot of things. I learnt abt bleeds, that its important to first make pencil sketches. [ Learnt this the hard way!!. LOL] and have come to appreciate the immense talent that goes into making a children’s book. Hats off to you illustrators out there!!! You have a new fan 🙂

Thank you MS [ if you are reading this by any chance]  for this lovely opportunity. I did have a lot of fun  And I am honoured that you thought I could do it.

Leaving you readers with some of my fav sketches from the past week. I’m just going to frame them and keep in my office.


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  1. Wow….Shruti…like I have always said…I am soooooo at awe with you managing so many things!!! all the paintings….sahi hai!!!!

  2. Beautiful!!

    The paintings are a treat.

    I assume the bride is not part of the series- a Tamil bride would not wear a ghoongat.

    Once again i love your attitude! And thank you.

  3. Wowww!!Shruti! these are amazing! And I love your attitude..I do!
    like I said before,I wish I could just come and spend some time with you and hash out ideas,learn wud be soo cool..I wish I wish!

  4. Wow! Shiva lingam one is best but all are really great. I hope to see you doing many more such paintings and illustrations…….good luck.

  5. Beautiful artwork Shruti !!
    And, like you said, even though the project did not work out, it must have been a great learning opportunity for you.
    Loved the bridal one !!
    I have never been good at drawings, so I am amazed when people can do so creative stuff !!

  6. Lovely Shruti… I love the tamil patti… u did this with no formal training.. you are a amazing lady.

  7. loved the first pic the best Shruti…
    and like art said, Tamil bride doesn’t wear a ghoongat…
    Good luck for more to come your way 🙂

  8. I’m feeling super proud of U! I did wonder what prompted you to do a Tamil lady when I saw your fb album. Truly marvellous attempt. Keep at it. I am sure I will see you soon as a illustrator / artist / creative head somewhere. Oh and I love your spirit Shruti 🙂

  9. Shruthi, have been a bit late in catching up with news ! but what a wonderful take and a wonderful attitude 🙂 hats off to you for trying ! May more come your way and may you always enjoy all that you do 🙂

  10. @Uma: 🙂 yup. Thank you for helping out too.
    @Abha : 🙂 thanks.
    @Arundhati: LoL. I hope so too. I’m really dying to try something new.
    @Shilpa: That was a tough 1 to visualize
    @Ani: Thank u. Just good genes I must say. 🙂 My mom is a better artist.
    @SG: Wow! u guessed it right. My hubby kept telling me those earrings look like steel. LOL.
    @DilSe: Thank u. I wanted the bridal one to look amazed. she kind of looks sad doesn’t she?
    @Shankari: I just had fun with that 🙂
    @Anu: thank you.
    @POOH: n it was soo much fun too. I really had 1 mad, exciting crazy time.
    @Shalini, Priya: Thank you. I hope so too.
    @Momo’s ma: Huggs back 🙂
    @Vidya, R’s Mom & UmaS: Thank u.
    @Trish: Blore aa jao 🙂