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Lifebuoy – Tree Of Life



There is no greater gift for a parent than to see their child flourish & grow. From their tiny first steps to winning their first race, each moment in our child’s life is precious … a priceless gift.

Now imagine it all going away.. Just because you did not have access to a clean & healthy environment to bring up your child in. There are countless children dying in India and other parts of the world every day of diseases like diarrhea & dysentery. Diseases that could easily have been prevented by the simple act of washing hands with soap.  Can you imagine the anguish & the desperation of the parents? My daughter will soon be turning 8.. She is already planning for the party – a rainbow one complete with a rainbow cake & party favors. I feel thankful to be able to enjoy her everyday chatter & enthusiasm. But what about the countless mothers & fathers whose only prayer is that their child gets to see his / her 5th Birthday. Did you know that every 15 seconds, one child dies from diarrhoea or pneumonia. Lifebuoy’s  Help a Child Reach 5 campaign was conceived based on research that 1.7 million children failed to reach their fifth birthday every year because of preventable infections.

The video that I  share today shows  the love of a mother for her child and the sadness of losing one. It follows the antics of the mother “Utari” sharing a strange love with a tree in her courtyard.. In childlike glee she tends to it, takes care of it and decorates it.. Its only towards the end of the video that the message hits you.. Please watch it till the very end..

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In Utari’s village in Indonesia, a tree is planted at a child’s birth. The children rarely live to see their 5th Birthday, All that remains, as in Utari’s case, is the tree.

Last year, Lifebuoy adopted Thesgora, India and by teaching healthy hand washing habits, reduced incidents of diarrhoea from 36% to 5%. This year, they will adopt Bitobe, Indonesia.

Do you want to get involved?? Visit Lifebuoy Website for more details.
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