Sports day & carnival @ school

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Lil p had sports day at her school on Wednesday. Its really tough on working parents when such events are on a working day. and yesterday she had a school carnival. I decided to take the half day off on Wednesday and hubby stayed back yesterday. I don’t have any pics to share…
This was the first sports day I attended. Last year I had not sent her because she was severely allergic to dust and was wheezing. This year however she was adamant that she would go. And I’m so glad we went 🙂

There were such cute races.. 1st there was the car racing .. LOL. the kids each held a cardboard steering and ran the 500 mtrs dash. Then there were other races like the horse riding ( riding a cardboard horse) and taekewondo race.. brisk walking with boxing like actions.. It was soooooooooo much fun watching kids run the race cheered on by parents and teachers. Some kids ran really fast.. I mean REALLY fast. 

Lil p ran the basketball race – running with a big ball and then dunking the ball in a dustbin (basket) at the finish line. Lil P has always been a little weak at sports and trips quite often.. and it swelled my heart with pride that she completed the race and gave it her best..

Then it was the parents race… and anybody who’s seen me knows that I’m not the sporty types.. hell I look like I’ve never exercised in my life! Anyway, the teachers had handed a chit to each parent and whosoever held a star had to run the race. So there I was waiting very self consciously at the starting line.. and then Lil p saw me! .. She stopped every1 and told them.. look my maama is running.. that’s my mumma.. and she was sooo proud!!! I forgot all my inhibitions and ran.. I was not the last! so that’s something I am really thankful about.. 🙂 and a happy mom n baby returned home.

Yesterday she had a carnival at school. Lil p went dresses as a fairy princess – with a tiara , a satin frock, fairy wings and a wand!  There was cotton candy, popcorn, balloon slides, merry go round.. and some carnival like games I believe. It was a good chance for the dad n daughter to bond..

She has her annual day on Saturday. Lil p is a red flower .. I have no other clue.

Its been nice moving to this complex… I come back by 6.30 and there are still lots of kids Lil p’s age playing in the garden & play area. There is a tiny library, a nilgiris , a badminton court, billiards, table tennis, lawn tennis, a pool and lots of garden space for the kids to run around.. On the days that hubby comes late we usually go out for mini picnics. There is a boulevard and a walkway with benches stretching along the middle of the apartment. We packed bread butter jam, cake and some juice and sat on the bench and ate it yesterday.. played ball and giggled like school girls.. all at 9 PM …  Life’s good. 🙂

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  1. Awesome! Like obsessivemom said..its a pleasure to read that you are enjoying your shift…and yay to the running and Lil’P!

  2. I have now realised that spending time with ur l’lle one is the most theaurapatic thing in this world 🙂


  3. Aww I luved all those races. And LilP showing her Mamma to everyone, simply loved it.
    Beautiful post. Loved ur mini-picnics idea 🙂

  4. Awww…nice that you were able to send her to both events. And glad to hear you are enjoying your new home as well. I’ll send you an email separately btw…pls look out for it.

  5. I’m so used to people cribbing after a move (me included) as they struggle to adjust to their new surroundings… your post was a refreshing change.

  6. Its always wonderful to move to a complex, with lots of kids…for the past 10 years, I am making sure we move to such a bldng, if at all there is a shift. It makes the adjustment to the new place so easy. Touchwood…have many such wonderful moments.

  7. Superb post 🙂 Brought out so many emotions

    Lil P and my P are like two peas from the same pod !

    Loved the bit about the race for parents. Kids bring out the best in us, don’t they?

  8. Loved every bit of what you wrote and visualised every scene you had described.
    Happiness is in the air and looks like you are breathing it 🙂 Glad about it.
    It’s definitely nice to live in an apartment with kids of the same age group as yours…Sadly I dont live in one…maybe I should shift soon to where you live…

  9. @poornima: Thank you 🙂 *touch-wood* its been good so far.
    @obsessive mom: Ohhhhhhhhhh But I love shifting houses! I’m weird that way. I love rearranging and changing the decor. making new friends too! 🙂
    @R’s mom; arrey! u’ve seen my pics na? The spectators must surely have had a ball .. watching a overweight and really out of shape lady running (trying to run) LOL. but lil p was so proud. hehe.
    @Uma: 🙂 I’m happy for lil P .
    @arundhati: Yes i feel so too – abt ur P & my P. I’m sure they’ll hit it off when we meet.
    @kannamma: Thank you 🙂 I def feel happy abt this move. Come to my aprt block.. we can all have crafting sessions together 🙂

  10. sounds like so much fun! Cub missed his sports day this year because we were traveling.

    his annual day is next friday and there’s a dance i blv! 😀

    and the complex and all the fun sounds lovely!! esp the picnic!!


  11. @abha: Tum log bhi idhar hi aa jao plssssssssss.. The school is pretty close by.. 🙂
    @Smita: Spending time with somebody else’s kid is therapeutic.. With one’s own kid, we actually might need to go to therapy. 😀

  12. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing your kid enjoying and doing something new each day ..

    hey nice idea for a picnic in apartment complex !!

  13. Woww!!Shruti,you did well!!I can imagine Li’l P telling her friends proudly about you!
    Ohhh and I love your new complex..and more I read your posts…the more,I wanna meet you:)