Sports day & Carnival

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Last week Lil P’s School also had their sports day and a viva carnival. Since it was on 2 working days ( damn the school!! ) we decided that hubby would apply leave on Sports day and  I would take off on the day of the carnival…. What I love about this school is that each kid is encouraged to take part in every activity.. Like in the annual day every kid is part of the skit.. some kids may not dance or sing or deliver dialogues but they will form an integral part of the show. Coming back to the sports day, Lil p is no sportswoman.. infact she finds it difficult to run very fast because of her flat feet. So what if she can’t be the winner.. She can def pose as one 🙂


Usually she is ok when she doesn’t win.. But this time her best friend came 3rd so Lil P was very upset that she had not won anything. I tried to reason with her but she was very upset and even woke up in the night crying.. So we sat and made a medal (3rd prize ) with a red ribbon that resembled the one her best friend had won. I was not sure if I was doing the rt thing.. I’d rather have her accept her friends victory with humbleness than feel jealous or upset about it. But making her own medal calmed her and she went back to her friend happily. Any pointers how I should have handled this situation?

The next day I had taken leave from office and decided to spend the whole day at her school with her. They had a drawing competition, a dance with props & a fancy dress for kid and parent for kids of nursery, Jr kg & sn kg. Since i was not sure if I / Hubby would be attending, I took the safer route and enrolled her only for the drawing competition. The theme was ‘Nature’s best shot’ .. You guys will scold me but I was so busy that I couldn’t get her to practice any thing.. I asked her what she wanted to draw and she said flowers and butterfly.. So I left it at that. Here is what she came up with all on her own  .. She forgot to draw the butterflies though..

DSC 0260 1

Some of the drawings were soooooo amazing .. I was surprised that a 5 year old could draw n paint so well. After the drawing competition, there was a carnival at school with tattoos, sugar candy, popcorn , pizza etc etc to eat.. there were many games to play and lots of stuff to buy.. She met the kids of my ex neighbor and they all had a good time at school..

DSC 0261

At 3pm, the school had conducted a workshop on Puppet and mask making.. Though I was reluctant to take part, Lil p kept pleading that she wanted me to come, I did not have the heart to refuse. It was fun.. We make a Penguin from a toilet roll & a hand-print mask.. Here are some pics clicked by her teacher at school.



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  1. Wow! her school is amazing na…

    Well honestly Shruti, I dont know how I would have handled that sports thing…I dont think you did anything wrong…but again may be you should tell her next time that participation is equally important…well pata nahi!

  2. yay! seems like she had lots of fun! good!

    yes participation is more important than winning. my daughter’s school do not let montessori kids participate in sports activities but lets them be audience, her sports day is coming up next friday and her dad is already on leave!

  3. Wow! This seems like a cool school. Hmmm… Im thinking of schools in that area for Chutku so I think I will mail you for details – soon! 🙂

  4. Amazing school…
    It is good that she is learning so many crafts while still so small.

    My son also has flat foot and can not run very fast. And you know he has accepted this fact that in running he is slow. Though I keep pestering him to run faster but he is happy being whatever he is.
    I have told him to participate in everything and we do not expect or ask him to be winner all the time. He is good in crafts, singing and speaking and not so good in physical things (including dance). Too much competitive spirit sometimes do more harm than good.

  5. I guess that almost all the single child prince and princess that we have pampered and spoiled rotten, cannot appreciate playing second fiddle, being away from the limelight
    if it makes you feel any better, D displays the same antics…
    most kids these days are so hooked onto tv, internet that they would “like” to be good in sports, but lack the will or desire to make the effort

  6. Same pinch. Last year Naisha didn’t win and cried and we made about a dozen medals for all the kids who play with them! This year was a tad better thanks to pre-planning and plenty of brain washing.. the usual.. having fun and participating is more important etc etc.
    They did the drawing contest too at Viva. Fun.

  7. @R’s mom : I did tell her that participation is ok.. and that its important to be happy when your friends achieve something..But 5 years is a dicey age.. they are innocent and yet so mature.. the middle part is the troublesome one.
    @Lakshmi – How did the sports day go? Here each kid got a participation certificate on the PTM day and after that she was ok.
    @RS: Anytime 🙂
    @shalini: yes , peer pressure is tough for kids to handle.
    @Lohit – Bingo! Lil p is exactly that! ..all she can think of is that its not fair! while she chooses to neglect the part that she had put 0 efforts from her side. Love to D. Having her mom around must be helping a lot.
    @OM: she was ok till last year and would have been this year too if her best friend had not won anything too. 🙂 Share the viva pics..