Teachers day pencil shaped card + Free printable template

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Teachers day pencil shaped card –  back to school gifts

Teacher Day Card Stryfoam Plate Sun
Today’s class was a big success.. but that meant that I had to do a lot of background work.. Plus 2 kids did not come so everything became faster.For Teacher’s day [ 5th Sept]  I wanted the kids to make something special to take to school. First we made a pencil shaped card. I have a template that you can print for free.. See end of post to download the template.  One A4 card stock creates 1 pencil shape card. Then we made a Sun – “Thank you for helping us grow”  [ Sun = sunlight = growth… Get it? ] .. we added a note -“Thank you for being the sunshine in our lives”
To make the card,
  1. Yellow A4 patterned cardstock
  2. Printer to print out the template
  3. Crayons
  4. Scissors
  5. Double sided tape


  1. Take a print of the template on the yellow card stock.
  2. Cut to shape
  3. Using crayons, fill in colour. Pink for the rubber . Grey for the metal. Green and orange for the pencil . Light brown for the wood bark.
  4. Using double sided tape, stick on the #1 Teacher apple on to it.
  5. Fold along the dotted edge to make a pencil shaped card
  6. Write your message inside. We wrote a personal message addressing Lil p’s class teacher.


Download Pencil shape Card template

To make the Sun –

  1.  Cut a styrofoam plate edge to form a sun shape.  We cut a V pattern alternating each other to make the Sun rays.
  2. Colour the insides using a sponge dipped in  yellow acrylic paint
  3. Colour the edges using a new  sponge dipped in orange acrylic paint.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Glue on googly eyes
  6. Draw a smiley with a black marker.
  7. Attach a note – “Thank you for being our sunshine”

Happy Faces from our craft class .. Time to rush to AV for the next set of crafts.

CraftClass10 Teacher%27s day special

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  1. Great idea. So clean and colorful. We are doing a crayon theme this year at our school for staff appreciation week. I think we will take your idea and instead of pencils use crayons, make them smaller and use them as bookmarks as a small gift for the teachers. Thanks. Our budget is almost nothing so this should really help stretch the pennies and make a great gift as well.

  2. Hi, great idea you have there! Would like to make the pencil shaped card with my daughter for her Teacher’s Day soon. Can I hv the template for the pencil n apple ? Thanks loads!