Teachers Day Special – What kids love about their teachers

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Happy Teachers Day to all of you.. As moms n dads, you are your child’s first teacher. I did get a special hug from my lil one today when she wished us.

I thought I’d do something fun today and wrote to moms I knew, if they would ask their child what they loved about their teachers.. Here are a few replies I got back.. Do read 🙂

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‘I love my Teacher because she is my friend and will not scold me . She only scolds naughty boys.’
Lil P / 6yrs / Bangalore

‘I love my teacher Sunitha Aunty because she teaches me lots of things and tells me stories before I go home.’
Dhruv Koshy/ Age 4 /Bangalore
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“I love my teacher Vanya Ma’am because she lets me stay with her when I’m at school, and she tells me nice stories”
Zoe/ 2.5 years/ Bangalore

” I love my teacher because he is strict to the boys and protects the girls!”
Ashu/8 years/ Zurich

” I love my teacher because she is nice and helps everybody do crafts!”
Antu/5 years/ Zurich/
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Ammu: ‘i love my maam coz she teaches english awesomely, with actions and all. She does not scold and she is sweet to all of us’
Ammu/9 yrs/B’lore

Adi: ‘I love my maam .. she teaches nicely and is very sweet!’
Adi/6 yrs/B’lore


… because they are kind. I like them.
the pea, age 6, Bangalore

“I like my Maam because she is not very strict and not little strict also”. She wont shout at anyone”.
Megan Dcruz, 6 yrs now (she wrote this when she was 4), Bangalore.

 “because she gives me her toys to play with “.
Aruja/ 2 years

izzy (isabelle) loves the stars and smilies that her teacher gives her and the tattoos on her hands. she may not get a star each time on her school workbook but she never fails to get a smiley

Sam likes her teacher because she is very pretty and because she always gives her an extra smiley sticker..

I love my teacher Miss Roopa because she is very kind and caring, tells us lot of interesting facts. She is the best Teacher whom I know. 
Ananya M, 2nd std, Bangalore

Dear “SHRUTI MA’AM”, I’m happy that you are my Teacher, I enjoy each lesson you teach, As my role model you inspire me to work and to dream, With your kindness you get my attention, Everyday you are planting a seed of curiosity and motivation, I’m thankful for all that you’ve done, I admire you each day and I just want to say, As a Teacher, you are NO. 1.
Aditeya Goyal, I-A, 6 yrs, Chandigarh

“I love my teacher Mrs.Puri because she hugs me a lot and always answers all my queries.
Priyamvada, 4, Panchkula

Did you ask your child What they love about their teacher(s) the best? Do leave your comments here with their answers..I’d love to hear their thoughts.

If you have done a Teacher’s day post / craft .. Do link in here.

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  1. Lovely post. My son says “yayu teacher, Happy to you teacher” means I love you teacher, happy teachers day. I helped him making gifts for his teacher. Adding my blog post for teachers day here.