The 5th Anniversary & a trip to yercaud

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We celebrated our 11th year of togetherness and 5 years of marriage last week. .. The celebrations were very personal and were spread over 5 days. We watched a movie at home, went for a candle light dinner.. and generally talked n talked.. I know many of you have been married longer but 5 years feels special.Though I’ve known my hubby long before we got married , marriage has been a different ball game altogether. While I’m fiery and quick to temper .. hes the calming factor. Where I tend to get emotional, he tends to be logical. While I’m artistic he tends to veer a lot towards sports. We are quite different.. almost poles apart.. yet it feels so right. Let me not get all mushy over you guys now.. I feel I’ve come a long way since we got married.. Oh we still argue n scream .. n i keep throwing my mobile at him. That’s not changed.. But I feel a lot more secure in our relationship. My respect for him, his parents, His for mine has grown. *touch-wood*… 
We decided to go for a trip over the weekend ( yes! again :p) .. this time to yercaud – a small hillstation 30 kms from Salem, a 4 hr drive from Bangalore. The resort is rt at the 20th hair pin bend and has a lovely view of the salem valley.  We chose the valley view room with a private balcony that gave us a spectacular view of salem at night. I loved the cold, lil p’s enthusiasm, watching hubby relaxed and away from his laptop, mobile & TV, the warm cups of coffee, the wooden floor, and the bed covered with rose petals.. a surprise by hubby n Lil P. There is a long story to that and too personal to share. Just that I had mentioned abt it many anniversaries back and the fact that he had remembered and got the petals all the way from banglaore made it that much more special. 
I’ll be getting my anniversary gift later this month and will post a pic of that when I do..  Till then, I’ll leave u with a few pics from the trip. 
Yercaud2010 1
Here’s my post from last year if u’d like to read.

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  1. CONGRATS…5 years of togetherness..and 11 years of knowing..baap rey..sahi :):) wishing you both and of course lil’P many many many more years of such loving togetherness…btw…the screaming and fighting is good for marriage…helps to keep the spice in it..ask me hehe 🙂

  2. Congrats on 5 years of togetherness! May u always have this closeness and warmth between u! I loved reading about the candle light dinners and talks!! Those are so special! The place looks beautiful…especially the night sky!

  3. Wow! It’s so nice of them to carry rose petals from Blr and do that 🙂 So sweet 🙂
    Wishing u all loads of such fun times ahead 🙂

  4. Wow…sounds like a wonderful 11 years of togetherness !! May you guys have 1000000000…. more !!

    Love the photo in which L’il P is spreading flower petals on the bed 😉 😉 😉

    Yercaud looks amazing…

  5. Oh, thats so wonderful…Congrats on the 5th anniversary celebrations. 🙂

    Yercaud is so close to my heart too, having visited it nearly 5 times now. 🙂 Even for this summer, we were there. 🙂

    The pics are so awesome. 🙂 🙂