The rainbow story

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Thanks to R’s grand mom, I remembered a very popular story from my childhood and now Lil p’s . Its quite similar to what R’s grand mom said.. Our version of the same..

[ You are free to tell this story to your kid. But if you are uploading it or want to use it any way, please take my permission first and pass on due credit. Thank you. ]

In a village not far away, a little girl stayed with her ajji (Grandma). They loved the forest, and the birds and the animals. Everyday after lunch, they would put the leftover food out for the animals to eat. A crow would come down to eat it and then happily fly away.

He was so happy that he told ajji “I will grant you 7 wishes. “

So on Monday ajji said she would like some red color for her kumkum .. So the crow flew high and searched for the red color.




He asked the apple, the strawberry, the tomato and the rose to share a bit of their red color.
They all said- ” Dear crow why do u need Red? You are black in color”
So the crow said ” Its not for me, its for my ajji. She wants to make some kumkum”
So they gave some red and ajji made some kumkum.

On Tuesday ajji asked for some Orange color to make some yummy sambar (curry). So the crow flew high in search for something orange.


He asked the orange fruit, pumpkin, carrot and the dried leaves to share some of their orange color.
They all asked the crow “Dear crow why do you need orange ?? You are black in color.”
So the crow said, “Its not for me, Its for my ajji. She wants to make some yummy sambar for everyone” and so they shared some orange and ajji made some sambar.

On Wednesday ajji asked for some yellow color to make turmeric to apply to her face. So the crow flew high up in the sky again to search for something yellow.

He asked the banana, the sun , the mango and the sun flower to share some yellow color.
They asked – ” Dear crow, why do you need yellow? You are black in color.”
So the crow said “I need it for my ajji. She wants to make some turmeric”
and they all shared some yellow color for the crow to take to ajji.
On Thursday ajji asked for some Green color to make a nice green zari sari to wear to a wedding.The crow flew high in search of some green color.
He asked the green grapes, The leaves of the forest, the pond frog and the capsicum to share some of their green color. They all asked” Dear Crow, why do u need green? ” So he said ” I need it for my ajji for her to wear a nice green zari sari to a wedding. ”
So they gave some of their green color and ajji could weave a lovely zari Saree which was the talk of the town.
On Friday ajji asked for some blue to make her grand daughter some lovely langa. The crow again flew high up to search for some blue color.

He asked the Blue sky, The blue river , the blue berries & the blue peacock bird to share some of their brilliant blue. They all asked ” Dear crow, why do u need blue? You are black in color” So he said, “its for my ajji to make some some langa for the little girl I so love. ” So they shared some blue and the little girl danced in her garden wearing a blue langa.

On Saturday, Ajji asked for some indigo to make some ink to write a lovely letter to her family. The crow once again flew high searching for some Indigo.


He asked the Night sky, The Indigo fish, Indigo Bunting bird and the deep ocean to share some of their color.
They asked ” Why do u need Indigo? All u need is black” so the crow said, “Its for my ajji to make some ink.” So they shared some indigo and ajji could write her letter.

Finally on Sunday, when it was time for her last wish, Ajji asked for some Violet to paint the walls of their little hut. The Crow flew higher and higher than ever before to search for all things Violet.

He asked the Brinjal, the Plum, the Jamuns and the Violet flower to share some color. They asked” Dear crow, why do u need some Violet? You are black in color.” So the crow said ” Its for my ajji to paint her walls with.” They shared some color and ajji’s house looked very pretty in Violet.
By now ajji was very happy with the colorful array around her.. but the crow was very sad. He said ” I am black in color. I would also love to have so many colors in my life. Can u make something for me too? “
So Ajji took all the seven colors and painted a beautiful rainbow high up in the sky for the black crow.

and they all lived happily ever after…

Lil p loves this story.. and anything related to rainbows… Which child doesn’t?  Do share it at your home. You can make up objects lying around the house instead of the sambar, sari , kumkum, etc..  mentioned in this story. 

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  1. Awww!! I so so loved this one…wait till i show this post to Ma..she will not believe this ahahah 🙂 and I loved the way you took out time to actually add images to the story….wish I was so innovative and patient 🙂

  2. Excellent story. Loved all the way. I was imagining a different ending. So the unexpected ending was an additional joy. (I was expecting ajji to sing “karupputhan enakku pudhicha color” – black is my favorite color.)

  3. How lovely. I had no clue there were these cute traditional stories. What a nice way to introduce colours! As I read, I thought of those publishers you mentioned too 🙂

    And, nice images

  4. @Patricia: thank you 🙂
    @Arundhati: Well my ajji usually used to spin tales about objects around us.
    @SG: rainbow is a fav (both mine n my daughter’s) so many crafts are rainbow colored.
    @PV: 🙂 too much!
    @Meghana: 🙂 Welcome. Let me know if he liked it.

  5. Hello!

    I love this story so much. I work at a public library in Illinois, USA. Is it okay with you if I adapt the story a bit, and tell it during one of my story time sessions? I will gladly give you credit. Thank you!