The wandering penguin..

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Lil P’s penguin from here was last seen exploring Antarctica…..

IMG 7646

A toilet roll, newspaper scrunched into a ball , yellow & black card sheets, a scissor, black & white acrylic color,  Glue & googly eyes.. are all you need.

  1. Scrunch up the newspaper into a ball and stick it onto an empty toilet roll about 6 inches long. 
  2. Paint the head & body black . leaving a small inverted U section for its tummy.
  3. paint the tummy white. cut 2 sections of cardsheets with deep U shape and paste on either side. 
  4. Cut a triangle for the beak and 2 W shaped feet.. and stick. 
  5. Stick on the googly eyes and you have a penguin ready.. 


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