Thermocol plate art

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Little Anush from abouttimenow sent 2 lovely Thermocol plate art / craft ideas.
Lady Bug
Scary rainbow man
 Art hasn’t linked them on her blog yet but I couldn’t wait till she did it.
  1. another 10 hrs to go before this month’s contest closes. Leave a comment if ur craft is in progress and want an extension.
  2. Here’s your last chance to win a handmade card and a surprise gift. Leave a note at my 200th post and I’ll have a lucky draw tomorrow to announce the results.
  3. I have mailed out cards for the March artsy-craftsy winners. Its been more than a week now. Please let me know as soon as you get them.

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  1. shruti- that was damn fast!!

    thanks shilpa and shankari

    still 8 hrs to go …. hmmm maybe will send in something else if Anush is interested..