Tiny Bead Sock Gnome – DIY

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Tiny Bead Sock Gnome – DIY



I had so much fun making these 🙂 and it was a quick 10 min project too. I have a lot of wooden beads lying around and was wondering what to do with them. I searched my cupboard for some bright fabric that I could use and found a lone tiny sock calling to me… and a gnome was born!
Here’s how u can make 1 for yourself
You’ll Need

  1. An old sock or any brightly colored fabric cut into a 3″ x3″ square
  2. A wooden bead
  3. Cotton wool or plain cotton
  4. A permanent marker and some thread


  1. Place the cotton at the center of the square and bring all four corners together to form a potli
  2. Tie the ends with a thread
  3. Pull the top of the Potli through the hole in the wooden bead. This step is slightly tricky.I used a crochet stick to pull.
  4. Using a marker, add eyes and a big goofy smile

Aren’t they the cutest??

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  1. @PV: 🙂 Thank u .. I’m planning to turn them into keychains
    @Torview: Welcome here 🙂 n thanks
    @Ani: Thank u
    @Shankari. I folded another square piece into a triangle and put a tiny stitch.