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Being a craft crazy family has its disadvantages! We are big time hoarders of junk.. nothing gets thrown in the anticipation that one day the junk will magically transform itself into something beautiful.. This thought is well mirrored by Lil p too.. Mummaaaaaaaa!!! don’t throw that! we will make something with it is my daughter’s catch phrase 😉 .. One such item we have in plenty is the kitchen tissue empty rolls. Tired of seeing so many of them, we finally decided to make some

Tissue roll owl craft

Tissue Roll Owl Craft

Here’s what you will need

  1. One full length Kitchen roll or two toilet rolls
  2. Contrasting Colored paper for the body & wings ( any color except white & yellow)
  3. Yellow paper / foam for the beak
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Googly eyes

To make –

  1. Cut the toilet roll to size. We made one 6 inches tall  & one 3 inches tall.
  2. Cut the coloured paper to size that is about an inch larger than the tube height
  3. Paste around the roll firmly using glue. We used fevicol.
  4. Gently fold at the top end to form ears
  5. Paste Googly eyes (larger the better)
  6. Cut the yellow paper in a triangle shape and paste to form the beak
  7. Cut contrasting patterned paper into 2 leaf shapes
  8. Paste to form the wings.

These owls form real pretty garden accessories and can be placed on pots or allowed to hang from the balcony rails..Do you recycle stuff to make crafts? Do share your ideas with us.

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  1. @Rebekah.. 🙂 We love them.. have hung them up in our balcony. Had made these with my daughter about a month back.. just got around to taking pics.