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Whether you are a working mom or a SAHM, we need to make some time for some self-pampering and care in spite of the chaos that is motherhood.. Get the convenience of a Parlour within the comforts of your home with the Salon At Home service by Urban Clap. Our review for the app & service

For years, I was always a well-dressed working woman. I’d make sure, I wore sharp clothes, my hair was washed & set, makeup ready and I’d be out the door looking like a million bucks. Well! at least, that’s how I felt every day.

But since I’ve turned an SAHM,  it seems like I need ten hands in the morning just to put myself together. I just don’t see the point in getting dressed up to stay at home.

Let’s be honest – when you become a mom you hardly even remember how to use a flat-iron and you quickly forget what manicure feels like. For me, getting an hour out by myself to visit a parlour, then wait in a queue to get my hair or nails done, just seems like such a waste of time. It just hardly happens anymore.

So when I saw the Salon At Home service by Urban Clap, I thought I should get out of my frumpy mode and indulge in some self- pampering.

Booking the Salon At Home service by Urban Clap:

I have the Android app on my mobile.

Get the convenience of a Parlour within the comforts of your home with the Salon At Home service by Urban Clap .Our review for the app & service

In Bangalore, there are 65 services. I was only interested in the Beauty option but definitely, I will be exploring the other options in detail in the later months.

Urban Clap screen 2

Under Beauty> Salon at Home option, it was pretty straight forward after that.

Urban ClapThere were fixed packages and individual packages too. I checked the packages and then decided I’d play it safe and just pick a few individual services instead.

Urban Clap screen 4

Next step was to choose specific services. I wished there were more choices and some help / description about each package. I had no idea what the difference between a Regular & Crystal Spa pedicure was. And some details would have helped.

Urban Clap screen 5

Next the best part – Date & Time. Lots of timing options. I chose a time for the next day when I knew I would be alone at home. Finally, I confirmed the services and I received an SMS from Urban clap informing that my order was confirmed and I’d be informed once the beautician accepts it.


I made the booking. A Stylist quickly responded.  Again,  I wish I was given a couple of choices, but Ms. Pinky had a 4-star rating, so I was hoping she was good and I was not disappointed. What was impressive was the next day, the stylist turned up exactly on time and called me to say she was here. I also received an SMS confirming all details.

The Stylist

Pinky arrived dot on time with all the equipment in tow. Towels, disposable mats, everything for the waxing, manicure & pedicure.

Get the convenience of a Parlour within the comforts of your home with the Salon At Home service by Urban Clap .Our review for the app & service

As you can see, she had 2 bags with all the supplies and the blue bag held her Pedicure hot water tub and waxing kits.

About the Experience

Once inside, Pinky  – was extremely polite and professional. She asked me where I wanted to get the treatment done. Once I showed her the  guest room, she asked me to wait 5 minutes to set things up. When I was back, the floor was covered with a neat plastic tarpaulin, the chair was placed on it, and the products to be used were displayed on the floor. She asked for the geyser to be switched on for the manicure.

Once the wax was ready, she lined the bed with a disposable white sheet so I didn’t have to worry about my bedsheets getting sticky. After the wax, it was time for the pedicure. The products and the tools were clean and were all in separate individual pouches. The massage in itself was very relaxing. I played music on my phone & read a book on my Kindle. Manicure & nail polish later, my hands and feet felt so pretty.

She cleaned up the whole room. She even had a bag to dispose the waste wax strips & paraffin wax. The only thing I provided was a stool for her to sit on and a bucket of hot water. The whole process took 1.5 hours.

To Summarize

Service Provider: Urban Clap

Service availed: Salon at home – Full Leg Wax, Pedicure, Manicure

The wallet is lighter by Rs.1197 

Install Link: UrbanClap  – Google Store, Apple iTunes 

Brands used: Lotus products

Hygiene of  professional: Good. She wore UC branded  aprons or t-shirts.

Rating: 4.0 Stars


  1. Ease of use, on time delivery & having the service in the comforts of home
  2. The service cost is very reasonable. It was lesser than the parlour I frequent
  3. Lots of categories and choices- they have everything, from plumbers and electricians to wedding photographers, salon at home and lots more.


  1. I wish there was an option to reselect the same stylist for my next appointment. But each time a random person will be assigned.
  2. There is no option to select a service for multiple people at the same time. I wanted to book the service for myself & my mom. But I could only do that by booking twice.

To add The support chat was very helpful in this matter. They quickly confirmed that this option is available only on the iPhone app. It will be rolled to the android app soon.

Final Verdict – UrbanClap delivered on its promise and the service was excellent. Overall, the entire service, the Stylist, and her service redeemed the brand and wonderfully at that. I would recommend UrbanClap to anyone who is pressed for time and who prefers the comfort of one’s own home rather than waiting in a queue at Salons. 






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