Valentine’s day and other stories

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We took Lil P for her vaccination this Saturday.. I hate taking her to a doc.. cos she does a lot of natak (drama) and frankly I find it very difficult to deal with it.
It was a double booster.. which is given at 5 years..

  • DTaP
  • MMR
  • IPV
  • Varicella

 .. 2 injections, one on each thigh. We did give her the painless DTP. I screamed at Hubby.. He screamed at me.. Lil p screamed that she did not need injections.. in all we were a total mess by the time we reached the doctor’s. 

As expected, she scared all the other patients away.. and created a big fuss as if we had chopped off her thigh or something! .. Hubby had to carry her around the whole day ! While we discussed at the docs, the doc mentioned to Lil P that the next injection would only be at 12 yrs if she were a good girl.
Lil P was quiet during the ride back and then mentioned softly to me.. ” Mumma I don’t want another injection when I’m 12 yrs old” .. I asked her why? .. ” Mumma I made a promise to my legs that I will never ever give them an injection!” It was too cute for us not to laugh. 

From there we went to my sister’s place.. She has recently bought a super duper cute Persian Kitten .. its a baby still , just 2 months old. Only he could cheer up Lil P. I’m not allowed to post his pic or my sis will kill me! 

Sunday, there was a cricket match happening and hubby was glued to the TV.. I thought this would be the best opportunity and sneaked out to a Parlour.. 
I was so happy to have some me time that I grabbed a magazine and never looked up for the next 3 hrs.. ahhh bliss.. I think I did snore off during the back massage tho.. I’m not too sure. When hubby had still not called, I decided to go for a haircut. I mumbled something about cutting them short.. asked her to choose a style that would suit me and went back to my magazine reading.. After some time I look up to see that My hairstyle now resembled a very short Bob!! ARGHHHH!! 1. Hubby hates short hair.. 2. We are going to our in laws place — So NOT happening.. And NO! I will not be putting up any pics..I wish I were an ostrich and could hide my head under sand.

As a saving grace I thought I’d bake some cute chocolate cupcakes and do a sugar stencil heart on them.. I followed the recipe to the Dot. But I don’t know what happened, my 6 cute muffins started rising and rising and rising till the whole muffin tray started overflowing like a volcano.. I was running scared in a panic mode much to Lil p’s amusement! .. Thankfully they tasted super. Lil p has however nicknamed them monster cupcakes. So much for my cute – valentine’s cupcake idea.. 
After a lot of trimming Here’s the  

Not so monstrous chocolate cupcake
Choco Cup cakes

So what did we do today, u ask? Nothing! We have both been super busy with office work and have decided to postpone our valentine’s day celebrations to Sunday – We are a practical couple that way! 
I did however get woken up with kisses from the dad n daughter wishing me a happy valentines day! 🙂 

Updated to add – 
I casually mentioned  to hubby that I wanted a flower  .. *insert sad face* .. 

You know you have been married too long when your hubby comes home with this! 

A Valentine’s Cauliflower… 
V Day+Flower
 I love this guy’s crazy sense of humour.. Haha! Don’t worry, Hubby is not feeling suicidal .. 
 I did get my Valentine’s roses too 🙂

So how have you all been faring this valentine’s day?? 

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  1. Awww! poor baby…hope the pain is gone now

    LOL on the hair cut….it always happens like that na..we demand a picture 🙂

    and yummy cupcakes eh..I am so jealous..ever since you attended Mon’s workshop you seem to have become a baking queen 🙂

  2. Poor thing.. It’s always double dhamaal for us on vaccination day. Thank god the next one’s at 12.

    Pictures pictures pictures please.. I’m sure it’s not as bad as you make it put to be.

    I’m so inspired on this baking thing.. and so not good at it.

  3. lol.. that is one big flower! Hope lil P is doing better now and you’ve gotten used to your new hairstyle.

    The cupcakes look delish!

  4. Vaccination story, i could so relate to it, the last month we had taken Adithi for DPT vaccine yes the painless and fever less one (they make money in everything how sad!) and this month it was the turn of MMR; she chose hand over legs and opted for left hand.

    She behaves normally till we reach doc’s place and only when we reach his cubicle, the drama unfolds!

    but by the the time we reach home (hardly a 10 minute drive!) she is back to her cheerful self!

    BTW my VDay story and hand made / home sewn gifts can be seen in this post VDay Spl from Adithis Amma Sews