Weekend Wrap up

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Thanks Trish for reminding me that I have not published a single post the last week! Just been busy I guess.

This beauty arrived a few days back and I was dying to put it up.. 


I have a Grey, Black & Cream theme going on in my living area right now, to go with my charcoal paintings.
I still need to buy all the accessories so here’s a peek as to how the Baroque looks on the wall.

Sorry for the bad pic. My camera is traveling around the world and I clicked this using my mobile phone in poor light

I finally decided on a mobile phone that I liked and that fit my budget too. My Samsung galaxy S is here!!

I [ Sorry WE ] are having so much fun with all the android apps. Plus My office emails & calender is synced up perfectly!! I’m in love.. The Kids Doodle art , Talking Tom & Piano are Lil p’s fav apps so far.

This year was Lil P’s first Holi play.. She is allergic to a lot of stuff and her eczema shoots up when we put any sort of color on it. We however let her enjoy this year with her friends. Here’s a pic of her crying because some1 put gulal on her cheeks

2011 03 20+11.41.05

My sis traveled to US this weekend and my parents were here to see her off. Since its my mom’s birthday on 26th [ Remember this? ] We gave her a Surprise and got home this gorgeous cake to celebrate her birthday in advance.

2011 03 20+17.51.02

Hope you had a fun weekend too. I’m linking this post at Patricia’s Weekend Wrap Up

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom.. and Happy Holi to you too… The black & white theme.. looks awesome… Love.. love that stencil work.. Dont forget to email me your home pics.. so I can do a home tour.. on my blog… 🙂 Cant wait for you to finish now!!

  2. Wow! super nice house
    Happy bday to aunty (err..belated)
    Holi was super nice with Lil’P na..and oh please put up the pics of lil’P’s new room also na 🙂
    Shruti, guess I told you a 100 times but telling again, girl you are insipiration..total inspiration 🙂

  3. Indian things are usually colorful…well that’s how many international friends tell me atleast and I dont think we have too much to debate on…
    I am just thinking how interestingly you have played with b&w.
    B&W and still very Indian!!!
    Love it!

  4. @Patricia: 🙂 Ohhh I need to buy lamps, candle holders, a carpet …. Its still very incomplete.
    @Anu: Thanky u 🙂
    @Sudha: Huggs. Thank u.
    @kannamma: I would have loved it with a yellow wall but this is a rented place so making the most of whats available. Glad u like it. 🙂

  5. Ooooooh!! I loved the black and white print!! And it looks great on your wall 🙂 Lets do our next get together sometime soon.

  6. Hey Shruti! Warmest Birthday wishes to your mom 🙂
    Your living room looks so inviting 🙂 Loved the theme!
    I’m sure LilP loved playing holi… nice pic 🙂

  7. Happy bday to your mom.
    Love the b&W theme.Yeah the decals would have looked better on a yellow wall. Love the muted but very elegant look of your living room

  8. i was going to ask u for a home tour, but pat’s beat me to it. May I have more pics of this corner pleasE? love the printed wall1