White with lots of color on it – Birthday cards

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First the 3 cards made for my sister, whose birthday also falls in May.
Please note that Lil p thought that one card is not enough, everyone should give a card to the birthday girls.. and so created one for each person set.
Maasi turned 27!
This card is addressed from Lil p to her maushi [aunt]
[ Rainbow cake drawn by my mom & colored in by Lil p ]
1 1 IMG 6840
These blue flowers are painted using a brush. 
Addressed to my sis from Me & Hubby
6 6 IMG 6852
These red flowers are carrot prints
[Addressed to My sis from My parents]
5 5 IMG 6850
Now 4 cards for me…
Finger print art .. Made by Lil P .. addressed to me from Hubby
2 2 IMG 6843
Okra art
Addressed to me from my mom, dad & sis
3 3 IMG 6845
Carrot prints again
Addressed to me from my in laws
4 4 IMG 6847
and my favorite …. finger prints again.. 
addressed from Lil P to me..
7 7 IMG 6856
Am I not the luckiest!!! πŸ™‚
8 2012 05 20

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  1. Oh My God Shruti, she is so talented Gosh!! I can actually see another Shruti in the making πŸ™‚

    Wishing you guys a belated happy birthday again