Why is a circus trip such a circus??

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The word circus brought back lovely memories of our childhood.. Both me n PC remembering the fun times we had with parents watching lions roar, motors race, acrobats swing. sighh..
When we heard that Gemini circus was in town we had to take Lil P there! How times have changed!! Now Gemini circus has its own website.. and there is an online booking too.

So off we went. The front row [ A- F] costs 200 rs each. We only got the E row. Now taking a 3 year old anywhere requires a lot of planning. We told her what a circus was.. Read her a book from “trip to the zoo” (!! didn’t have anything more suitable) .. Told her there would be animals, jokers, and acrobats who did a lot of circus like Lil p.. n that got her excited and thankfully she was well behaved till we reached palace grounds at 3.30 PM. Unfortunately.. The parking is rt next to funworld and provides a clear view of the giant wheel.. Lil p thought THAT was the circus. We had to literally drag a screaming kid towards the tent. She sobered up when she saw the horses (and the chips packet) .. The acrobats start coming & so do the in-your-face, pesky characters that sell refreshments. Where people would get all excited abt the next acrobat to come up on stage, lil p would get more excited at the next refreshment that came.. n they never stopped!!! First came the chips, then the cold drinks, then the chocolates, then the popcorn, then the sugar candy and then the icecream.. .. Initially PC tried to get her attention to what was happening on stage, but I guess lil p found the crowd more amusing.. cos she refused to look at the stage. When people started clapping.. madam thought it was for something that she had done and would enthusiastically wave back.. I think she’s a Miss India in the making!!

The only time she actually looked at the stage n laughed was when the poor elephant stood on the stool n pooped all over the floor!!

When everyone watched the acrobats swing high up we were busy watching our lil monkey swinging on the support ropes.. When the dogs came, she asked for the kangaroos n when the clowns came, she asked for mickey mouse! When the show finally came to an end, the lil imp even gave a bow – a-la princess style! What a circus!

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  1. LOL … I cn see it all Shru .. LilP is a darling … 24*7 free entertainment for u na 😛

    It must hv been so cute when she waved bk to the crowd 😛 😛

  2. i love watching my children watch the circus.. Kids are the ones who thoroughly enjoy the show. Didn’t we as kids get totally engrossed in it as well..

  3. I am pleasantly surprised that circuses still exist. I thought that tv and other media make up for children’s entertainment nowadays. I really have fond memories of going to a circus and am glad you are making some with your little one now 🙂

  4. I understand how tough it gets to keep them attentive to one place. I am anxcious about taking aryan to circus for the same reason, will he ACTUALLY enjoy it at this age or do we want to take him just to refresh our own memories 😀

  5. @starry: i think 5 is a better age for the next circus..
    @patricia: Brave?? I thot we were raelly foolish to think this would work out! :p
    @swaram: 24*7 entertainment for others.. for parents its torture :p
    @JD: As kids, we lovedddd the circus.. can’t say the same abt kids of today. maybe next year will be better.
    @AJ: I think the elephant was scared shit (pun intended!!)
    @Ruta: The old charm is gone ruta.. these days animals are banned so circus is not a place where kids this young will enjoy. There were other 5 – 12 year olds who really looked happy! n welcome here 🙂
    @TPL: wait till u have ur own!
    @Swati: I’m sure aryan will also be distracted. 2 hours is a long time to hold a 3 year old’s attention. The circus is on till 31st jan only.

  6. I always wanted to have a circus troupe of my own..seriously! So all I have to do is wait patiently and have kids..and viola! my very own gemini circus;-D

    Fun post Shruti. I laughed hard & I think I’m gonna laugh all evening. Say hi to Miss India. I hope she’ll pose for a photograph with me(I will bring chips)!

  7. hahaha! sounds like Cub! but he did enjoy it in parts!! and we absolutely LOVED it.

    as long as he let us watch peacefully it was okie! hehe!

    he LOVED the elephant doc act. and some of the trapeze bit. and horses.