Winter Scape Collage – Craft Class

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This month we are focusing on Children’s art and crafts related to Winter. So here’s my first contribution


Winter Scape Collage 

Winter scape collage

First an A4 sized Matt finish photo paper got a light blue water color wash that formed the sky. Then we used Crepe papers in 3 shades of Green for the rolling hills, Velvet Foam cutouts for the trees, trunk, house and roof. Used a tooth brush to add snowfall. Then used an okra to add snowflake prints . Add details like windows , smoke.. maybe even a snowman.

Happy pictures..

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  1. Okra hmmm, how do you get the sticky stuff not to mess the drawing, any tips there? I have been a regular lurker on your blog and even recommended some of the craft ideas when N’s teachers here at school asked for some Diwali related stuff 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!