Yummy-Tummy-Wednesday – Cornflake Cookies

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Hi There..

A funny incident happened at home this week. Now people who know Lil P are aware that Lil P is a very very fussy eater. A typical kid most of you would say.. Now, she usually sticks to the same versions of Rice , chappati, noodles, pasta .. hardly tries anything different. Even the rice has to be same texture and color.. Chappatis have to be of exact shape. I was mildly surprised when she announced that she wanted to eat something different. She is a big fan of “I can cook” series that comes on Cbeebies. Inspired by the recipe of the day we decided to make banana pancakes.  So we researched the net and selected the recipe with the perfect picture. She helped me mash the banana, add sugar, milk, vanilla essence etc etc.. and was happy to help.  However once the pancakes were ready, She refused to eat them as she thought they were different!! Can you beat that??… Its a different story that me n hubby relished the banana pancakes for dinner that night while Lil P stuck to eating her curd rice. Sigh.

Do you have a funny incident to share about your kid and their food preferences? or any favourite recipes at home that your kids relish.. Well mail them to me ASAP. I want to focus every Wednesday as a Yummy-Tummy-Wednesday featuring a recipe and your food stories… Here’s a format if you’d like to participate..

1. Introduce yourself and ur family..You can optionally share a pic if you like
2. What are your family’s or kids favourite foods?
3. Do you have any funny incident to share with us?
4. What is the kiddie recipe that you are sharing with us today?

You can choose to mail me the details or do a post and mail me the link .. You can add more questions.. or choose to skip a few questions mentioned above.. at a minimum, I need a recipe with a picture to go with it and I’ll add it to the linky.

You can add this code in your blog post to add a link back to the Yum-Tum page.


For this week, I’m leaving you with a recipe by Tarla Dalal.. Follow the link for the details.

Cornflake Cookies 
by Tarla Dalal


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  1. Kids!

    When we discovered Barbeque Nation, it was on A’s insistance that we would go there, and M’lady would eat just the barbequed mushrooms and follow it up with tomato soup, curd rice and- hold your breath- a double serving of ice cream! The rest of the barbequed stuff- well, that was for the husband and me! So we’ve stopped wasting our money there.

  2. @Sandhya – I swear! I hate going to all you can eat buffets for the same reason.. Need to pay full ticket for Lil P and she eats only curd rice and cucumbers.

    @R’s mom: hah! 🙂 I’m sure ur mom would teach a few good things abt food to Lil P.

  3. Ha ha ha.My kid did the same thing to me.Said he wanted cutlets. So brainwashed everybody in the house to have cutlets and curd rice for dinner. prepared it and lovely presented it to son. He did not even give it a glance, forget about tasting. Said he wanted maggi. Gah!!

    “Now, she usually sticks to the same versions of Rice , chappati, noodles, pasta .. hardly tries anything different. Even the rice has to be same texture and color.. Chappatis have to be of exact shape”- when i had been to bangalore, artnavy asked me why i insisted on giving my son only bournvita lil champs with milk (which i had carried in a small box)?? Finicky eaters do this to us moms. We should never give them a chance to complain else that meal goes down the drain. Lil did she know:) Sigh!

  4. @lavs.. I never remember my mom over indulging us this way when we were kids.. I wonder why we do it. Like my granny says.. when u have 6 to 8 kids to feed, u hardly bother if they have eaten or not. Food is on the table.

  5. Sounds familiar! That happens often at our home! and When I was kid I used to torture my mom with selected menus. But now anything edible goes with out any grumbling.

    May be my daughter got the same genes. May be she will learn when she has to cook:-) Curd rice/plain white rice is my daughters fav too!

    I will try to send few kid recipes, Shruthi!