10 Fun and Easy Preschool Science Experiments

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Preschoolers are naturally curious about the world around them and things that captivate them. So why not include some simple activities and crafts to introduce them to the world of science. Here is a list of ten preschool science experiments and crafts that are fun, educational and easy. These simple science projects will help your little ones in nurturing a passion for experimenting and learning with evidence based facts and explanations.

10 Fun and Easy Preschool Science Experiments 

Preschool Science Experiments

  1. Fireworks in a Glass – Using water, oil and some food coloring, you will be able to demonstrate this wonderful science experiment that can fascinate even the grown-ups alike. For older kids, you may explain a bit about density of liquids and how it matters.
  2. Salt Crystal Garden –  This is a fun and tricky way to grow a crystal garden out of Epsom salt. Use some watercolors for vibrant look and you can have a crystal garden for your little one.
  3. Erupting Volcano – We have heard about a lot of experiments with baking soda and vinegar. Here is a perfect one which can explain the science behind erupting volcanoes and lava.
  4. Glowing Oil & Water Experiment – Use household materials like oil and water and some glow in the dark paint to do a creative experiment. Let your kids play around and see what happens when they mix colored water and oil. Teach them why two liquids do not get mixed with each other!
  5. Ice Science – How about doing a ‘Frozen’ kind of experiment just like Elsa does in Disney movie Frozen? This is a crystallization project and you can easily make the ice grow as shown in the video tutorial. Go figure!
  6. Bottle Rocket – Have you ever thought about making a home-made rocket using an empty plastic bottle? Make sure that your kids are under adult supervision while doing this demonstration.
  7. Make a Cloud – Grab a glass jar, hot water & some ice and teach your little one how clouds are formed. The best part of this experiment is that kids will be able to see and touch the mini-cloud building up in the jar.
  8. Magnetic Duck Pond – Magnets are sure to fascinate the kids and here is a fun way to teach kids about magnets.
  9. Inflate a balloon with baking soda and vinegar – See what happens when baking soda is mixed with vinegar.  The carbon dioxide produced as a result of the reaction is enough to inflate a balloon.
  10. Density Towers – Here is a simple and fun liquid density exploration science experiment for preschool children. You can decide how many layers you would need depending on the availability of various solutions at home.

Hope you enjoyed these preschool science experiments. Don’t forget to tell us how your experiment went…

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