20 Paper Quilling Crafts for the Entire Year

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Our list of Paper Quilling Crafts for the entire year have you covered for all seasons and festivals! From New Year’s to 4th of July to Christmas – it’s all here!

Paper quilling is one of those kinds of skills that start out very basic – just a paper coil – and which can grow to become something magnificent. A basic coil can be turned into a variety of shapes. A combination of these in different sizes and colors and you have unlimited options to create just about anything your heart desires!

If you’re new to quilling and want to learn the basic shapes first, check out this tutorial for basic quilling shapes from Craftsy. And once you’re ready for something more, we have here a collection of paper quilling crafts that have you covered for the entire year, for all holidays and seasons. So let’s get quilling!

20 Paper Quilling Crafts for the Entire Year

Our list of Paper Quilling Crafts for the entire year have you covered for all seasons and festivals! From New Year's to 4th of July to Christmas - it's all here!

January – March

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.”

1. New Year Quilling Greeting Card

01 1

Start of the year doing what you love – making crafts! This pretty New Year craft from Panda Hall is not too fancy, but it’s still festive enough for the season. The flowers and candles make this card give out positive vibes, which your friend will receive along with the card.

2. Paper Quilled Snowmen

Let these cute Paper Quilled Snowmen add to the charm of your Christmas decor! With simple quilling techniques, you can make these in no time!

January is the coldest month of the year in many places, especially ones which see a good deal of snowfall. Well, it doesn’t matter if you have snow or not, because all you need are quilling strips to make these adorable little snowmen!

3. Quilled Sankranti Greeting Card

Kite Bird Quilling Card Sankranti 1 31

As the winter begins to fade away, India starts gearing up for Sankranti, a Hindu festival that marks the movement of the sun’s position. This Sankranti greeting card celebrates one of the most enjoyed activities of this festival – kite flying! Considering all the elements of this card are quilled, it’s going to impress everyone you give it to!

4. Quilled Paper Rose Heart Card


If you want to express your love on Valentine’s Day without having too much time (or money) to spare, this rose card from Crafty Morning is your best bet! Loose coils of wide strips come together in a cute little card that’s sure to melt that special someone’s heart!

5. Paper Quilled Shamrock Card

05 1

This project from Red Ted Art includes everything synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day – shamrocks, rainbows and lots of green! The cardboard tube shamrock is pretty clever, and the use of different shades of green adds a lovely effect to this craft.

April – June

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow”

6. Corrugated Paper Quilled Flowers

3D Corrugated sheet flower

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of spring? Flowers, of course! So celebrate the change of  season with this quilled flower craft. Change things up from the usual by opting for corrugated paper sheets instead of regular quilling strips – you end up with a sturdier result.

7. Flower Garden Quilling Wall Art

Infuse the essence of spring in your home with a Flower Garden Paper Quilling Wall Art! With flowers, butterflies & lady bugs, this sure is a pretty garden!

Once you’ve made a flower, it’s natural that the transition will be towards a complete flower garden in full bloom – with ladybugs, butterflies and everything! This is one piece of art you’ll want to display proudly on your wall, and also one that’ll brighten up your home and your mood!

8. Quilling Easter Egg Craft

08 2

As Easter comes around, you see bunnies, chicks, lambs and eggs turning up everywhere. This quilling project is a fun exercise to practice different quilling shapes and assembling them together. Love the colors in this – they scream spring!

9. Paper Quilling Flower Pendant

09 2

Giving Mom flowers for Mother’s Day is passé, give her flower jewelry instead! Moms and Crafters shows us how to make these gorgeous quilled flower pendants that you can embellish with beads. Can’t think of a better gift for Mother’s Day!

10. World’s Greatest Dad Trophy Quilling Craft

10 2

If Mom can have a quilled gift, so can Dad! Imagi Make has an adorable quilled project for Father’s Day, with a trophy cum pen stand – completely made of quilling strips. They have a pictorial representation of the instructions which may be a little hard to understand for beginners, but should be okay for those used to basic shapes.

July – September

“Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own”

11. 4th of July Quilled Paper Cake Topper

11 1

As summer steps in, it’s time for backyard picnics, fireworks and 4th of July celebrations. Chica and Jo has these DIY quilled cake toppers for the occasions, including rockets, stars – the (fire)works! They look so realistic you almost feel like they’re going to swoosh up any minute!

12. Quilled Watermelon Pendant

12 1

Whether you’re spending summer at a special camp, at the beach or on holiday elsewhere, this watermelon quilled jewelry set will never look out of place! Juicy and red, this project from Red Ted Art features a pendant and earrings made of tight coils. Check out their cute little quilled pineapple brooch too!

13. Tricolor Quilled Flowers

tricolor quilled card 1

As we enter August, India gets ready to celebrate Independence Day, with the tricolor making an appearance everywhere. Get creative with these pretty tricolor quilled flowers, perfect to pin on your clothes or as an embellishment for other crafts.

14. Paper Quilling Fall Tree

Make an Easy Paper Quilling Fall Tree Craft using 5mm quilling paper or strips of Construction Paper  ~ Autumn Crafts for Kids

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year and we know it’s coming as the leaves start changing color. Capture the different stages of this natural process in a lovely quilled Fall tree craft. This is so beautiful, it’s totally frame-worthy!

15. Paper Quilled Hedgehog

There's no fear of pricking your fingers with this Paper Quilling Hedgehog Craft!! Easy fall craft for kids, or to learn about woodland animals.

When we talk of quilling, we refer to making coils with long thin strips of paper, but there’s another kind of quilling – one related to hedgehogs! It’s the process where a young hedgehog’s spines fall out to make way for adult spines. Let’s mix the two with a cute little quilled hedgehog craft!

October – December

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”

16. Paper Quilled Bat

DIY Paper Quilled Bat Halloween craft for kids is just perfect for a fun evening and a unique way to discuss the folklore and history of Halloween.

Bats never looked as cute and smiley as they do in this quilled bat project! These little guys are perfect to add as embellishments to your Halloween decor, or even hide in a few strategic places to spook a person or two!

17. Paper Quilling Black Cat

The paper quilling black cat craft brings together elements of fun and spookiness in equal parts. Halloween card kids would love to create. #quilling #halloween #kidscraft

Cat lover or Halloween enthusiast? Either way, you must try this paper quilled black cat craft! Made mostly with round basic coils, this is a good craft for a quilling beginner to try before getting into the more complicated shapes.

18. Paper Quilled Turkey Craft

DIY Paper Quilled Turkey Craft is one of the cutest Thanksgiving Craft projects. Perfect as an Autumn / Fall Card or Thanksgiving dinner

You’ve got your mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, your pie, awkward family members – what’s missing? The turkey, of course! While not fit to eat, this little guy here uses two basic quilling shapes and a cardboard cutout to create a simple craft that kids can try.

19. Paper Quilled Wreath

Wreaths are an integral part of Christmas decor! Make your own little version with this Paper Quilled Wreath - an easy Christmas ornament for your tree!

One of the easiest ways to know that the holiday season is here is to look at people’s front doors for festive wreaths! Make a tiny quilled version for your room or for your doll house – they deserve some decorations too! You can also make miniature versions to fix on Christmas cards or gifts.

20. Quilled Christmas Gift Tags

Paper Quilled Christmas Gift Tags 4

Got your gifts all wrapped and ready? Add that personal touch with a handmade quilled gift card. These are so precious – people will be staring at the gift card for a while before opening the gift. Caution – may raise expectations of what’s inside the box!

Our list of Paper Quilling Crafts for the entire year have you covered for all seasons and festivals! From New Year's to 4th of July to Christmas - it's all here!

As you try these paper quilling crafts, you’ll realize one thing – it’s relaxing and exciting at the same time! Making those coils is therapeutic, and watching them come together into something whole makes one so happy. With this list, you’re all set for spring, summer, autumn and winter. So which one are you going to make today?

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