30 Christmas Paper Collages for kids

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As a parent, have you struggled to find creative ways to engage your child during holidays? Have you put off crafting with kids thinking that you really need expensive materials to make “Art”?  When Lil p was a toddler, she was fascinated by the touch and feel of everything that she came in contact with. If it was soft she cooed, if it was slimy she giggled, if it was pricky she touched gingerly. if it was cold she was awed. As a kid too she loved tearing up pieces of paper and that kind of started us on our Artsy-Craftsy journey. In fact, some of our most loved projects have been making stuff with colored papers & glue. Over the years we have added some more stuff like paint, sequins, cotton, wool, well every material that we could lay our hands on to our Art projects. Since its, the holiday season, check out

30 Christmas Paper Collages for kids to make


Did you know, the word collage comes from the French verb coller, which means “to glue.” And if there are anything kids love to do, it’s playing with glue!!! Cutting, pasting, or Collage making, all children love being creative if they are given a chance, and the act of being creative brings with it so many benefits… -christmas-winter-paper-collage-1

  • Recycle plastic shopping bags and make an adorable Snowman Picture. Easy technique kids of all ages will enjoy idea via craftsncoffee.com
  • Tissue Paper collage~later cut into triangle trees; cool color background with moving lines, white snow, gold branches, snowflake dots – A wonderful Christmas Winter project idea via dealeyarts.blogspot.in
  • Vibrant Penguin Art Project paints the background, cut a U in black and a smaller one in white for the body, cut 2 Ds for the arms, use blue chalk/pastel to draw an iceberg then cut it out and glue it onto the picture with penguin glued to an iceberg – then intro mixed media items for decorating (yarn, buttons, white paint for finger paint snowflakes…) Fabulous idea from Deep SpaceSparkle
  • From the exhibit “Christmas Tree Forest” at artsonia , make a colorful Christmas Tree collage.
  • We made a winter scape collage using crepe paper & foam – Mixed medium collage using Crepe paper & some Okra printing added for effects

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  • Make Paper collage Knusper Knusper Knäuschen (or Gingerbread Thank You Cards) idea via RedTedart
  • Make mitten artwork – Trace your hands, and cut out and stick them on a colored background idea via Tina mitten time. by artsy_T on Flickr
  • A slight twist to our earlier  Mitten art project Beautiful and fun project. 🙂 idea via klassenkunst
  •  “Elf Yourself” is like these paper elves’ craft projects. This can even double up as Christmas cards
  • Make a Super cute penguin dressed for winter. Also in this lesson are snowmen and polar bears. Idea via splishsplashsplatterart

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  • Make or Buy these cute Reindeer Collages using construction paper ideas via www.etsy.com
  • Penguin Art – Do the watercolor stripes one day and add the torn paper penguins the next. So cute!  Idea via
  • Are you looking for a meaningful process-oriented art project to do with the kids this winter? I have an answer for you with this snowflake collage activity for kids. Have you made snowflakes with your child? Once you get started, making snowflakes can be completely addictive. idea via tinkerlab.com
  •  Make a cut paper snow scene artwork.. idea via maros-kindergarten
  • Make a Ski collage picture for kids  as a winter craft  – idea via activity village

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  • make winter birds art with five different colors of our fabulous collage papers, and either created a bird of their own design or used some cardboard templates. idea via acornpies
  • I love the Northern Lights Art Collage made by kids at Artsonia
  • make some cute Eskimo men & women- Free printable included at kleuteridee
  • Christmas is a great time to let your child explore their artistic side and get creative. Brighten up your windows with these sun catcher ornaments. Idea via handmadekidsart.com
  • Nancy Nolan’s Kindergarten: Snowmen are so colorful and cute. This K teacher’s blog has LOTS of ideas & pictures for years around

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What skills will my child develop through Creative Play, you ask?

While it’s tempting to leave all the ‘messy’ creative activities for your child to do at school, there are so many skills they can learn by having the freedom to do them at home, and developing a love of creative process will set your child up as a creative thinker in all walks of life. Even at a young age, creative activities help to develop Intellectual skills such as geometry (size and shape), measuring, and sorting. There is also a great deal of problem-solving and concentration involved in making a collage. . Not to mention, making a paper collage also develops fine motors skills in young children.



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    1. We already started making most of them. I love this for the very fact that most materials are available at home & we can sit at the dining table and do it.

  1. Lovely post Shruti….I realise that I am not doing enough crafts with my kids – we tend to cook together more! This is a lovely activity!

  2. Wonderful craft ideas for lil’ ones. Will definitely guide my niece in making some of these. Well, my personal favorite is winter birds 🙂 😉

  3. Wow! Very big list of ideas.. i have a 3 yr old son and i am sure i will try at least simple ones 🙂 Christmas tree with tissue paper collage seems simple.

    1. Do share the pics here & the posts in the event page. We would love to encourage A to do more crafts any way that helps.

    1. haha! True! 😉 I do that for all all my posts. I make one and Lil p makes her version. That way I don’t end up correcting hers trying to make it perfect.

  4. Great post Shruti! Good ideas to keep my daughter busy during the X’mas hols coming up in ten days. This time I think I’ll get my one year old on to some basic tearing and crushing paper activities too, lest he disturbs his sister’s all important crafting 🙂

    1. Ohh! We love tearing and making a mess. I’d suggest putting a large bedsheet on the carpet and tearing and pasting with a glue stick .. Once you are done, just gather the ends of the bedsheet and pick up the mess! .. That’s my #1 tip with crafting with kids.

  5. Oh so wonderful Shruti!! You have the keenest eye for the best activities! Here are so many ideas that I want to try in my story classes. Wonderful! Thank you!

  6. Awesome post Shruti!

    Such a great collection for kids during Xmas.

    Your girl is so lucky to have such a creative n amazing mom.. Kudos!!

    Have a fab Xmas n New Year ..

  7. I love these ideas. There are a variety of projects and at varying levels… all are pretty creative.

    PS. I’m less worried about the skills the kiddos learn, and more concerned about FUN and enjoyment.

  8. I was just wondering how to make sure that the xmas vacations are fun and productive for Sam and voila problem solved! These would ensure she has an awesome time and so easy to do too!