Our Final Update – #90DaysWithPediaSure

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This is my final update post to our #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign that I did for my nephew, Krish, three months ago. As promised, I am sharing my experience with PediaSure nutrition.

#90DaysWithPediaSure - sharing my experience with PediaSure nutrition.

It all started with my sister’s complaint about my 5-year-old nephew, Krish’s, eating habits. My sister and I decided to carry out a 3-month experiment. We would give him PediaSure nutrition, twice a day for 3 months and see the results for ourselves. Now Krish loves chocolate, so the PediaSure powder in the Premium Chocolate flavour was perfect for us. And thus, began our 3-month experiment.

Our First Month with PediaSure – 30-day update

Pediasure 1 2

After the first month, the most obvious transformation in Krish was the way he behaved at the end of the day.
While he was previously cranky and irritable, he was now excited, happy and upbeat! He definitely had better energy – which translated into a good day at preschool.

His teachers mentioned that he was more focused and enjoyed his day better. Wow! we were impressed.

Our Third Month with #90DaysWithPediaSure – 90-day update

Cut to 2 months later. It’s now the end of 90 days since we started on our #MyPediaSureJourney.

#90DaysWithPediaSure - sharing my experience with PediaSure nutrition.

Every parent knows as October / November nears, and the wind gets colder, out comes the cold medicine and the thermometer. All those germs are hard on little bodies. With Krish too, our concern was that, just like every winter, he would end up falling sick with a cold or a cough.

With regular intake of PediaSure, we noticed that his sick days were reduced considerably. As a matter of fact, he did not succumb to a fever at all.

Also, earlier, we would bundle him up in layers of clothes and never allowed him outside. Now, he can play outdoors without falling ill – since PediaSure, it’s been a better year. His immunity has definitely improved.

#90DaysWithPediaSure - sharing my experience with PediaSure nutrition.

So yes, PediaSure did work great for us in that regard. Now, that 90 days are up since we started, there is a considerable difference in Krish’s height too. His play pants are now shorter and shirts a little tighter. We ended up updating his wardrobe recently and wisely we bought one size larger as he is growing so fast.

With his weight in the right percentile finally, PediaSure’s claim of ‘less infection, 50 percent more growth’ is something that really works!


Making sure our children receive good nutrition will ensure that they get the best chance to grow and develop properly. Although each essential nutrient plays a role in childhood development, deficiencies in certain key nutrients can be detrimental to their health.

Before I started on this path, for me, PediaSure nutrition was just a health supplement that I had used on and off in the past with my daughter. However, during this past 90 days, I have come to love PediaSure for reasons other than it simply being a healthy growth supplement.

Our Final Update - #90DaysWithPediaSure

Giving Krish PediaSure gives us peace of mind; he is getting the added vitamins and minerals that are essential for keeping him healthy.

Though Krish’s picky eating habits have not changed, at least now, we are less worried about his overall growth and development. With PediaSure, we are relaxed even on the days when he barely touches his food as it is helping bridge the gap effectively.

So, there you have it. My journey with PediaSure nutrition has been a positive one so far and we are definitely going to continue giving Krish his daily glass of milk with Pediasure mixed with it. We will, however, be varying the flavours – introducing PediaSure in Kesar Badam and Vanilla flavours to him, at least in other dishes.

If you would like to buy PediaSure as a nutritional supplement for your fussy child who’s a picky eater or to help add a little healthier nutrition to their diet, you can get PediaSure online and have it delivered to your doorstep by placing your order via the company’s websiteOr you could just head over to your local pharmacy or grocery store and pick up a box.

Please do keep in mind that PediaSure is not for children who are lactose intolerant or suffer from galactosemia.

While Abbott approached me to participate in their #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign, the opinions and experiences shared in this post are my own and have in no way been influenced by the company.


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