A lazy day with a sock puppet

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One of my colleague’s daughter had to take an animal sock puppet to her school. I find some schools really weird. Expecting a 3 year old to make elaborate sock puppets. Ya! I know, Lil P made sock puppets when she was 3.. but it was just a black sock snake with a red tongue .. Very basic, very simple, and I did help her a LOT. 

I offered to make it for my friend as she needed it in a day.I love helping out friends like that.

Here’s what I made

Horse sock puppet DIY

I cut out the heel part and used that as pointy ears. Used 2 blue pom poms as eyes and a cardboard circle sown inside, formed the mouth. I made one for Lil P and another for my friend using the pair she had lent me.

Lil P calls her puppet Horsey.. ya! very original 😉

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