A way with words

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We are a multilingual (and confused) family.. Me n Hubby dearest speak in hindi and english (college influence) .. My parents speak marathi, his parents kannada. The family friend with whom lil P stayed spoke telugu..montessorie, english. No wonder Lil P struggled with her first words.. Initially we were worried but ever since Lil P has started school, her vocabulary has improved by leaps and bounds.. Now her main conversation is in english (learnt from fellow classmates at school and helpful ayahs) and has some hilarious effects … Some incidents to remember and laugh abt one year down the line ..

Some words are real tongue twisters.. She calls lemon – lenum and pineapple – pinasudu (No idea where this came from!) .. flower is fodder.. (Go figure!)

Some words are a combo of 2 languages.. like I want water-pani, or mummy I want to do kakka-potty.. or call akka-didi.

Some words are just repeated for emphasis – like I want new-new cycle ..

Shes understanding the meaning of words and recently shes understood what a holiday means .. when I told her Sunday is holiday, school holiday… shez told us 1 day today brush holiday.. (Kids I say!)

She occasionally skips a syllable in words usually ‘r’ – like here is ere .. or remote is emote.. rabbit is abbit .. brown is bown.. black is back ..clouds are couds,

Fav phrases are – ‘this one’, correct, ulta, ok? (At the end of every sentence), Noooooo, ess (say yes without the y), chahiya (for chahiye in hindi) . what are you doing mummy? .. gimme.. please (read this)

She loves the song hai junoon from movie – New york..and when ever she sees john abraham she starts singing ‘hey tanuu’..let me correct it.. she startes screaming ‘hey tannu’ .. my poor dad was so confused last week when he changed the channel on which that song was playing and she started screaming .. adoda I want ‘hey tanuu’ .. he couldn’t figure out what his grand daughter wanted ..

Speaking abt songs.. she has learnt some hindi rhymes @ school..
Original song:
Main so rahi thi, Main so rahi thi..
Billi ne jagaya, meow meow meow, meow meow meow
Main so rahi thi, Main so rahi thi..
Kutte ne jagaya, bow bow bow, bow bow bow…

Lil P has conveniently changed it to
Main so rahi thi, Main so rahi thi..
Cat ne jagaya, meow meow meow, meow meow meow
Main so rahi thi, Main so rahi thi..
Dog ne jagaya, bow bow bow, bow bow bow…

She has recently started talking in full sentenses – Mummy I want to go down to play, I want to wear pink shirt and white pant.. I was surprised n delighted when during lunch she suddenly announced.. “mummy I want to feed u”.. so I opened my mouth and so did she.. that’s when I figured out that she wanted to be fed! Hmph! .. n the same evening.. Mummy I want to carry u.. (eh!?) .. hubby dear was shocked how this demand was going to be fulfilled.. Well the little imp wanted to be carried.. n most recently.. mummy I want to marry u.. we are still figuring this 1 out.. any idea?

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  1. Superb post!

    pinasudu n fodder – so cute 🙂 I so feel like listening to her speak 🙂

    U know, my sis used to call my dad Appa-daddy for a long long time!

    So, she wants to marry u 😉

  2. Thanks swaram.. Give me a call sometime n u can enjoy talking to her all u want 😉 ..
    N ur BACK!!!! b missed u over the weekends 😉 3 posts n no comments :p .. How was ur trip?

  3. hahha. that was fun.
    my nephew couldn’t say molagapodi (gun powder) when he was a kid. So he called it malaanapodi. The term has now stuck and everyone in our family calls it the latter.

  4. @ Meira : I know what u mean!! Every1 in my family calls pineapple, pinasudu too! 🙂 malaanapodi sounds good too!

  5. Adorable lil girl !!!! 🙂
    Pinasudu .. hee hee.. How I wish she never grew up.
    ‘Hey tanuu’ – wonder where that came from!

    For a long time (when I was a kid of course), I used to refer to water as puppy..and my parents had a hard time figuring that one out 😀

  6. @lostworld: Shes stopped calling pineapple pinasudu.. i believe her teacher started correcting her 🙁
    Hey tannu is also hai junoon now… just 2 months n sooo much difference in her speech.. 🙂 growing up way too fast!