20 Adorable Barbie Crafts that you’ll Love to Make!

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If you’ve got a Barbie doll or a Barbie lover at home, then you have got to check out these Amazing Barbie Crafts that are just too cute for words!

I was crazy about Barbie dolls as a little girl – to the extent that I still have my old collection! I’m kind of possessive about it as well, having collected the various sets and accessories over years. Oh, the amount of pleading and cajoling I had to do to get someone to buy me the latest set!

I wish I realized then that I didn’t really have to do all that – I could just make whatever I wanted! Well, better late than never, as they say! There are loads of Barbie crafts that you can make, and most of them require very few supplies. Since Barbie Day (March 9) is just around the corner, we’ve put together these 20 amazing Barbie Crafts that you’ll absolutely enjoy making with your kids!

20 Barbie Crafts that you’ll Love to Make!

If you've got a Barbie doll or a Barbie lover at home, then you have got to check out these Amazing Barbie Crafts that are just too cute for words!



1. DIY Barbie Tote Bag

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Barbie sets often have cute little bags and purses, but they don’t really hold much. That’s why you should make this practical tote bag from Be a Fun Mum! With just washi tape, pipe cleaner, and an empty shampoo bottle, this is super easy to make!

2. Barbie Suitcase

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Why restrict Barbie to a tote bag when she can also have a whole suitcase for her stuff? Kids Kubby realizes that a fashionista needs her shoes and that’s why they’ve come up with a really cool suitcase DIY for which you just need a soapbox!

3. DIY Leather Briefcase

Barbie Crafts for Kids

When Barbie goes to work, she’s all business, which is why fun totes and cute clutches won’t do – she needs a leather briefcase. Live Master has a master tutorial on making an adorable little briefcase into which you can stuff little documents and stationery.

4. Vintage Matchbox Suitcase

Barbie Crafts for Kids

If you love all things vintage, you’ll absolutely fall in love with these little matchbox suitcases! Seen on Craftster, you can use leather or felt bits instead of brown paper to make them more durable. It opens so you can also stuff things inside!



5. Binder Clip Party Bags

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Your regular office binder clips turn into glamorous party purses for Ms. Barbie! The possibilities are simply endless with these clips, and Silkspike Dolls has some lovely ideas. It really is so easy to turn these little clips into perfect bags for Barbie.

DIY Barbie Accessories

6. Miniature Barbie Books

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Barbie needs her daily dose of reading, but you’re unlikely to find enough books for her! That’s why the folks at Hey, it’s Muff have a detailed tutorial on how to make these super cute books. And from the looks of it, Barbie enjoys all kinds of genres!

7. Colored Pencils

Barbie Crafts for Kids

All the Small Things Miniatures has many DIY miniature ideas, but I really love how easy these colored pencils are to make! With toothpicks, sandpaper, and colors, you can have a full set on hand.

8. Miniature Perfume Bottles

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Give Barbie’s dressing table a makeover with some pretty perfume bottles! Joanne’s Minis shows us how you can make it with an assortment of beads and some glue. You can make the bottles to match your own perfumes too!

9. Paper Clip Hangers

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Alright, we have the wardrobe, so now we need some hangers to hang those pretty dresses! Agus has a very easy tutorial to make mini hangers out of paper clips. They’re so simple, you can make enough for all Barbie’s clothes!

10. Miniature Closed Umbrellas

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Come rain or shine, you need an umbrella – and so does Barbie! Tutoriales Minis has step by step pictures on making very realistic looking umbrellas that are the perfect size for Barbie and have an old-fashioned charm about them!

Diy Barbie furniture

11. Bowl Chair and Coffee Table

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Let Barbie join the IKEA gang with this chair and table DIY from IKEA Hackers! Put unused bowls to use along with some odds and ends around the house to make this super cool chair and table set. Now if I could only shrink myself so I could lounge around in that cozy chair!

12. Cardboard and Craft Stick Wardrobe

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Your Barbie probably has loads of shoes and clothes, but are they all lying dumped into a box? Well, in that case, why not turn that box into a wardrobe? Yes, you will, once you check out this awesome wardrobe at Hey Its My Stuff. I want one like that for myself!

13. DIY Barbie Dresser

Barbie Crafts for Kids

This dresser from An Eclectic Eye is so bright and cheerful, you have to make it even if you don’t have a Barbie doll! An iPhone box turns into Barbie’s bedroom furniture and in such a pretty way!

14. DIY Barbie Couch

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Give Barbie’s dream home a couch worthy of it! Turn a tissue box and soft fabric into this luxurious looking couch, complete with fluffy armrests! Get the full tutorial from Kids Kubby.

15. Make a Bed with Storage for Barbie to lie on

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Don’t you love stuff that double tasks? And that’s how it is with this Barbie Bed with extra storage storage craft from A Girl and a Glue Gun. Barbie has a plush bed to rest on and when play time’s over, she has a box to go back into! Complete with a skirt, pillow and matching blanket – this sure is comfy!

DIY Barbie Home Accessories

16. Dollhouse Table Lamp

Barbie Crafts for Kids

What if Barbie wants to do a bit of reading and there’s not enough lighting? Ease the strain on her eyes with a table lamp that can be made from just a bead, a foam marshmallow and a toothpick! This unbelievably easy craft is from Craftiness is Not Optional and you can make one for each room of the dollhouse!

17. Pom Pom Cactus

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Succulents are all the rage nowadays, so why should Barbie’s home be left behind? Pinch Me Beautiful has an easy DIY for making a cute little cactus, from pom-poms and an egg carton as its pot. Love brown bits sticking out of the pot!

18. Recycled Mini Food

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Let Barbie serve up a meal for her friends – even if it’s out of a packet! Shades of Tangerine has a super easy tutorial that opens up a lot of possibilities regarding what Barbie can eat! Just get food pictures and foam and you’re all set!

19. Miniature Pyrex Dishes

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Once Barbie has finished cooking in her pretty kitchen, she’s sure to need some quality serve ware! Va Va Voom Vintage shows us how to convert blister packs – yes, those packs from medicines and gum – into little bowls! Come to think of it, it’s genius!

20. Miniature Dollhouse Candles

Barbie Crafts for Kids

Let Barbie have some aromatic candles around her home to set a pleasing mood! This tutorial at Todd Lindsey is simple enough to follow and gives pretty realistic results. Make them in different colors to represent various aromas.

Barbie Crafts for Kids

And if you’d like some more inspiration, check out this gorgeous Barbie living room over at An Eclectic Eye. Trust me, it’s a room you’ll want to live in!

Just looking at all these DIY ideas is making me want to pull out my old Barbie collection and make new stuff to add to it! So tell us, what are you going to make for this Barbie Day?

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