No Sew Barbie Dress

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No sew barbie dress using an old sock

How many of you are tired of seeing barbies lying around the house in various stages of disarray. I am !! Lil P has 7 barbies gifted to her.. (God, Why!!!!) On a whim, she keeps changing their dresses.. and with the dolls having stiff hands and unsightly shapes, most of their original dresses are torn.

Today morning was the last straw. I went to clean up her playroom and saw 7 barbies all n***d .. when I asked her why. Lil P said that they didn’t have any night dresses.. so she tried to tie a kerchief around them and then forgot about it. She declared that her barbies needed more dresses that were easy to put on and remove. And I hit upon a brilliant idea (at least I feel so! 😉 )

No Sew Barbie Dress

I picked up her old socks lying around (the ones she had outgrown) and I had kept them aside to make the gnomes – a snip here and a snip there and voila… We had our very own No sew barbie dresses. Don’t these lasses look pretty now? Lil P is over the moon. We turned our white socks into nightwear and the colored ones for day time… I made them a little trendy by adding a satin bow to their waist.

No Sew Barbie dress

Here’s how I made them ..

Lay down an old sock flat on a table .. a 2-4-year-old size works best because the heel part umm falls correctly over the barbies bum.. if u know what I’m saying..
Cut as shown in the diagram.. and you are done..


If you want to make it fancier, you can use glue, sequins, ribbons as a bow or a sash or a belt.. .or create a sleeveless dress..

Sleeveless barbie Sock Dress



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  1. @shalini – 🙂 Lil P thinks so too
    @Deepa: Thank you.. 🙂 Just trying to find solutions to everyday problems
    @OM- High Five! I knew all moms of girls would be mighty pleased.

  2. nice idea Shurthi! quite innovative.

    i tried similar outfit made using worn out socks earlier and guess what Adithi’s response was?! she said “amma! the weather we have is so hot to wear winter clothing kind, please make her some party wear outfits! girls and their ideas! god save us mothers!

    she conducts barbie(s)’s b’day parties, engagement, and even wedding! and hence orders new outfits to be made by me when she gets tired of the old ones!

    View all the Barbie Dresses made for Adithi!

  3. Gasp! Shruthi!! Have I told you that I love you?! Then here it is. Love you and hugs!!

    Such an awesome idea.

    We have these marapachi dolls(wooden dolls, like the ones you would have seen in Art’s golu) at home with which the girls play dress up. Till now they use my old, unused saree falls as saree for the dolls. With summer coming up, this will be such a great project for them.

  4. @Nisha – 🙂 Thanks..
    @ UTBT – Upcycle everything I say.. We tried styling the sock dresses yesterday.. Will do a follow up post soon..
    @Esther – and so easy too. I really was tired of seeing those dolls without clothes..

  5. That is such a lovely idea. I really get pissed when I see the naked Barbies in my daughter’s room. Every girl that I know does it. No idea why. Really crazy. I usually end up cutting off some pieces from my daughter’s outgrown tops and do a fast hand sewing to make the dress. But this is super easy. I’m definitely going to try this.

  6. Dunno how i missed this post!
    This is an awesome idea Shruti 🙂 I hope i’ll find some socks for the project. Ammu will be super excited!

  7. Wow! That is a cute idea for Barbie clothes. I am a grandmother of 4 grand daughters and I
    will be making these Barbie dresses for them. Thank you.