Annual Day at school

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This Sunday, Lil P had her annual day at school.. She had to go dressed in a cute kimono provided by her school.. All I got from her was that she was dancing for Japan.. I kept asking her which song and she insisted it was in Kannada.. I asked her to hum.. but she said “No! You come and watch me dance” and so we went ..

This year’s theme for the annual day was ‘The world’ .. a lil boy is confused choosing the best country in the whole wide world .. so he travels from country to country learning abt their culture – first to China, then France, Russia, Egypt, Japan and then back to India.. while in Japan, my lil girl danced 😉 to a Japanese song.. Here’s the pic of Lil P in her costume.

IMG 7836

It was an evening show and the kids danced really well.. Its soo cute to watch lil kids dance with absolute abandon.. Their innocence and smiles lit up the stage.

2011 12 11

After the show we went to the nearest Mac D to celebrate .. 🙂  Are the annual day celebrations over at your child’s school?

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  1. Wow! She looks so cute in that dress.Reminds me of my school days 😀

    THIS Is why I wanted a daughter-to dress her up and adore the way she looks… 🙂

  2. @Sands 🙂 Thank you.
    @R’s mom: what was there to deck? .. I had strict instructions from school on how the make up should be and dress came from school only.
    @kalpana – Thank you 🙂
    @shalini – Thanks
    @lakshmi – Thank you. and I’ve added my entries.
    @RS: hehe yes. I so wanted a daughter for the same reason.
    @Smita: Ya! i had to pay 1200 to the school for this..
    @OM: girls look cute in anything yar.

  3. Awesome costume and what fun you guys must have had.This friday my daughter had her annual day and the theme was Indian states–Awesome experience!