Artsy-Craftsy-October results and other news

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  1. The user Choice award goes to  Clay crafts from adi and ani   Congratulations. Please mail me your address asap. I will not be selecting any other winner.
  2. Just created a new fan page on FaceBook. Do join us there for some interesting discussions and user submissions ..I’d love to hear your suggestions for artsy-craftsy themes, prizes and giveaway
  3. The artsy-Craftsy November is still on.Mail me pics of your diwali decorations that your kid helped with.. Rolling laddoos, painted diyas,  putting rangoli, making lanterns, shivaji killa .. Pics from previous diwali celebrations are allowed. Did you make Any Diwali cards? any special arrangement, a DIY, unusual flower arrangements.. I want to see them all! Submit them here soon. So far,  I have submissions from Art & Trish only.
  4. One small request to the artsy-craftsy June & July winners, Do mail me your addresses again. I feel ashamed to even say sorry to u guys. Its been six months!!! There are too many things going on in my life rt now and so the delay.
  5. Lastly, have you checked out my submission for blogadda’s Share your Diwali Moments ?? 

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