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Today’s giveaway is from a fun Venture . 
 Be Creative Presents:
Theme Tambola Tickets!!!
A creative way of playing the world famous Tambola.
Be it a happening theme kitty party, general or special club meet, a Birthday bash, anniversary celebration, a family get together or say any big or small event, a Tambola is always considered to be an easy, convenient and fuss free opening game for a gathering of all age groups.
But why stick to those plain old fashioned Tickets, when you have a choice of tickets in accordance to the party you are hosting?
Theme tickets add spice and flavor to your party and cheer up the guests.

Started in 2012, Be creative retails over number of online stores and has held exhibitions in various parts of India, and hopes to continue with same

Seller’s biography
Grown up with a dream to become a Doctor, Mona was a private & hard working girl. But as the saying goes, “Man proposes and God disposes”, so, a graduate from Picasso centennial college, she never knew that there rests a visionary Animator in her. After working for six months in an E-learning company she joined hands with her father’s business. It was just on the Dinner table, her love for computer & designing, ventured into innovation & Be Creative Designer Theme Tambola Ticket came into being. “Why stick to those age old tickets when you have those Designer Tambola Tickets always available” is her motto. It was just in June 2012, but now, her work has spread all over India & demands are coming from different cities almost every day. Flooding with ideas, Mona is set for a new edition every month & the sky is the limit.
Contact details
Mona Bansal
Be Creative Theme Tambola Ticket
Email id : [email protected]


Five liner Tambola.
Played like Normal tambola/ housie
Birthday Tambola
This Tambola Tickets is designed exclusively for BIRTHDAY PARTY of all AGE GROUPS ranging from Infant to Elderly Person.
It can be played in a group up to 100 person which will comprise of 3 packets with different set of numbers in each set 
Options to play :
Divide the money or gifts into given component :
1. Many Happy Returns of the day
(Call made when early five or seven numbers are cut)
2. I have the lucky Joker (call made when number on Joker is cut)
3. May lovely Balloon blow your life  (Call made when numbers on Balloon  are cut)
4. Wow, tempting Eatable to Eat (call made when numbers on Eatable are cut)
5. A Happy Year ahead (call made when numbers on Happy Birthday are cut)
6. All valuable Gifts to you (call made when numbers on Gifts are cut)
7. A Heavenly cake is about to cut (call made when numbers on cake are cut)
8. A very Happy Birthday to you (call made when all numbers are cut)

Rules of the giveaway 

  1.  Like pages BeCreativeThemeTambolaArtsyCraftsyMom on facebook if not already done
  2.  Leave a comment here telling me which is your favourite item fromBeCreativeThemeTambola
  3. You get an additional comment each time you share this post on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

Terms & Conditions 

  1. The giveaway is open till 31st July. 
  2. Winners will be announced in August, 2013 and will be chosen by lucky draw
  3. Open to anyone with an Indian shipping address. 

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  1. My family is a crazy tambola fan…we ‘HAVE TO -HAVE TO’ play it on every get together!! Liked on facebook