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I love doing Origami in my craft class, but I must admit I’m not very good at it. But some people take this amazing folding art to a new level.  Pearlie Samuel is one such. Please welcome her venture
Tell me a little about your Venture?
My name is Pearlie and I love paper! About 4 years back, I was presented with a book on origami decorations. I soon found that origami was very addictive for me. In no time, I started making origami jewellery, progressively making smaller and smaller ones. Now I make origami jewellery that is small enough for children to wear. The paper I use is imported Japanese washi and chiyogami paper, which is great to fold and has beautiful patterns. All my jewellery are coated multiple times with a special glaze which makes the jewellery hard and pretty water resistant. In addition to jewellery, I also make bigger, decorative pieces. My origami pieces make a great addition to a centre table, on a Christmas tree or just as a hanging in a doorway. At present, I sell my jewellery at and
Something about the person behind the venture?
Well, I am a mom of a 5-year old girl who is also my biggest fan and the reason I started making origami for kids. I love a whole lot of paper crafts such as iris folding and kirigami but origami is my first interest. Origami is a self-learn art for me and there are a whole lot of mistakes I could have avoided if I had had a teacher. So recently, I have started conducting origami workshops for kids and adults. People love learning it and I get a lot of pleasure when I see their excitement on creating something new! 
    What made you start this venture? and When?  
I started making and selling origami jewellery and decorations about a year back. While paper quilling has made a great comeback, I was never able to find any shops which sell origami jewellery. And the only shops that do sell origami jewellery were mostly in the US. While paper jewellery is unique, eco friendly and extremely light, origami jewellery is extremely rare in India. In fact, I have never seen anyone sell them. So I had a unique opportunity, which I did not want to miss. 
Origami itself requires a lot of precision and making jewellery from tiny pieces of paper requires a lot of practise. It took me a whole year and a lot of experimentation with paper, sizes and glazes before I was confident of making jewellery that people could genuinely use. And I am still refining my process, making earrings smaller, making unique designs. It is a never-ending process
Where do you ship to?  
Shipping is within India for now. I hope to ship internationally soon. 
Contact Details
Name: Pearlie Samuel
What would you be gifting our readers?
Earring Pendant Bracelet+Set+ +in+White+and+Maroon+02
My gift is a earring-pendant-bracelet set. It is made with a combination of stars , crystals and wooden beads. The pendant and the bracelet are something that I have started making recently. I find that people appreciate sets of jewellery, so that is what I will be giving away 🙂 

Rules of the giveaway 

  1.  Like pages Paper n Pearlz & ArtsyCraftsyMom on facebook if not already done
  2.  Leave a comment here telling me which is your favourite item from Paper n Pearlz
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Terms & Conditions 



  1. The giveaway is open till 31st July. 
  2. Winners will be announced in August, 2013 and will be chosen by lucky draw
  3. Open to anyone with an Indian shipping address. 

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  1. Nice to know Pearlie… loved your creations. Speacially those stars in earrings n bracelets. very creative…

    Liked your page too.

  2. Oh my……….these are fabulous. Am a huge origami fan and jewellery fan… this is a perfect blend!! Super like on facebook!!

  3. Awesome!! Beautiful creations and giveaway!!
    Love the paper rose ring and the bracelet in pink, Ammu will be sooper happy to have them 🙂