Back to school Monster Bookmarks

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People often underestimate the use of a bookmark, but browsing through 200+ pages trying to find the last page you read brings forth their significance!! While you can buy bookmarks at stores, nothing can compare to the charm of a customized, hand-made bookmark peeking out of a beloved book. It’s back-to-school time & that means lots of studying. We’re caught in the Summer reading -> back to school -> Halloween spirit a little early, and so we have some fun bookmarks for you today!!

Back to school Monster Bookmarks Back to school Monster Bookmarks - Easy to fold origami adorable Dragon bookmark, perfect for Halloween, back to school or just for fun. Goes well with book - Again! by Emily Gravett

This is an easy Origami bookmark that even a complete novice can pull off with flair. The best part is, you can customize it to suit any book and have one  darn cute bookmark to show for your efforts. To me, that is an absolute win

Here is what you will need to make the Back to school MonsterBookmarks:

  • Square pieces of construction paper
  • White paper
  • Red paper ( I used leftover gift wrap. You can just as easily paint white paper instead)
  • Paintbrush and pink paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sequins and silver ribbon (Optional)
  • Googly eyes (Optional. You can also paint the eyes on or use black stickers/paper)

Method to make the Back to school Monster Bookmarks

diy monster bookmark
  1. Fold the green paper into a triangle. (Pic 2)
  2. Fold half the triangle back towards you. (Pic 3)
  3. Fold both ends up till they touch the top of the triangle. (Pic 4)
  4. Fold these ends down into the pocket that has now formed. (Pic 5)
  5. Now paint the insides pink. This will be the mouth. Stick on the googly eyes. Stick the red paper to make a tongue. You now have a Snake Corner Bookmark!  (Pic 6)
  6.  To make the dragon, cut the white paper into a zig-zag pattern and stick over the tongue.And because I cannot stay away from sequins, I added some dragon scales and a silver tail! (Pic 7) It is now sitting pretty on one of my son’s favorite books!
 This craft can be easily customized. Here is a Vampire bookmark I made earlier in the day.
This is another cute bookmark I made in minutes. All I did was cut a crown out of an invitation card and go nuts with glitter and sequins.
As you can see, these bookmarks have been made from various kinds of paper. I have made some more, and for many of them, I stopped at Step 5. You can make yours any way you like, with any paper that catches your eye. Now that you know the basic technique, you don’t have to restrict yourself to DIY Monster bookmarks; just make whatever your heart desires! These Easy and simple corner Monster bookmarks are perfect for Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, Halloween  or Back To School.


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