31 Delectable Indian Fusion Desserts for the festive season!

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The Indian calendar is choc-a-block with festivals like Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Dussehra, Diwali and so on. Apart from shopping, celebrations, and camaraderie, there is something that adds much more enthusiasm to your festive spirit, and that involves sugary indulgences, as mithai-binging hits the roof. We scoured the best of Internet blogs, to bring you unique Indian Fusion Desserts that are bound to leave the sweet-toothed asking for more

31 Delectable Indian Fusion Desserts

31 Indian Festival Desserts3

  1. Sweet Ravioli with Lacha Rabdi

    You can find great pasta everywhere nowadays, but you might not have tried sweet pasta for dessert! Sweet Ravioli stuffed with paneer and dry fruits, soaked in sugar syrup and served with Rabdi. Try out Madhuri Agarwal’s recipe for this fusion dessert during this festive season and make a great impression on your guests !!Fusion Dessert

  2. Kiwi Barfi (Fudge)

    One of the most popular desserts gets a Delicious and heavenly makeover with the subtle flavour of Kiwi fruits – Kiwi Barfi Fudge Fusion Desserts

  3. Gulab Jamun CheeseCake

    Gulab Jamun cheesecake is the Perfect India inspired fusion dessert for the holidays or for festive occasions. East meets West in this recipe by Mix-and-Stir.Fusion Desserts

  4. Thandai Mousse Cake

    This dessert should come with a warning label because it is so IRRESISTIBLE! It’s that combination of thandai syrup and whipped cream with the crunch of pistachios…I will die! Make it now with the recipe from the food kiosk fusion desserts

  5. Masala Chai Semifreddo

    Tea and Icecream? If that sounds incredulous, check out this divine Masala Chai semifreddo recipe by Spiceadventuress. Second servings guaranteed!
    Masala Chai semifreddo

  6. Apple Jalebi:

    An apple a day keeps the Doctor away! The ever-popular Jalebi gets a fruity apple makeover – See the Step by step pictures and Video at Rak’s Kitchen  Fusion Desserts

  7. Oats Sesame Ladoo
    oats laddo

    Oats sesame Ladoo with almonds is a healthy snack for kids. These ladoos are an energetic snack for kids that is loaded with protein, iron, and fiber. Great as an after school or evening snack especially when kids do not like to eat oats in the porridge form.  Indianhealthyrecipes.com shows you how easy this is!

  8. Peach Phirni

    Thick, creamy, rich and oh so flavorful this Peach Phirni by The Africa Channel is sure to win several hearts.Fusion Desserts

  9. Baked Boondi Parfait

    Boondi baked in home made rabri (thickened sweet milk) with pistachios, chocolate. Easy 10 min dessert served parfait style! Lapetitchef shows how to get this one right.
  10. Vegan Carrot Halwa Trifle

    This version of trifle features layers of vegan carrot halwa, pistachios, and coconut whipped cream. It makes for a healthy yet indulgent dessert.fusion desserts

  11. Thandai Phirni

    Thandai Phirni is a twist on the traditional Phirni recipe which is an Indian rice pudding. A rich topping of chopped nuts makes this fusion dessert a melt-in-mouth treat.Fusion Desserts

  12. A modern twist to the humble popcorns with an Indian flavour of cardamom raising up the ante, presenting Elaichi caramel popcorn clusters from ArtsyCraftsymomFusion Desserts

  13. Motichoor Rabdi Parfait

    A modern take on the ever popular Motichoor ladoos is bound to keep your guests asking for more ! This recipe from Whiskaffair is a complete winner all along the wayFusion Desserts

  14. Butterscotch Toffee Sheera

    The butterscotch toffee sheera (or kesari) is Indfused’s experiment for a quick and easy, fusion dessert using the traditional ingredient, rawa (cream of wheat) and the Jello butterscotch instant pudding mix.Fusion Desserts

  15. Chocolate Cinnamon Gujiya

    A twist to the traditional gujiya, these Chocolate Cinnamon Gujiya are sweet dumplings filled with milk solids, nuts,chocolate chips and rolled in cinnamon sugar ! Heavenly!Fusion Desserts

  16. Saffron Macarons with Cardamom White Chocolate Ganache

    Give this Indian girl a French delicacy and this is how she’ll spice it up! I adore the subtle and rich flavors of saffron intermingled with the unique, slightly sweet with a hint of savory aromatic cardamom. Together the flavors of these fusion Macarons are incredibly exquisite and enticing.Recipe and Picture courtesy for this Fusion Dessert : What’s for Lunch Honeyfusion desserts

  17. Beetroot Tofu Barfi

    What Better way to sneak in veggies into desserts with this easy to do dairy free, gluten free and vegan take on the humble Barfi (fudge) by Piyali SekharFusion Desserts

  18. Apple coconut Barfi

    Apple-coconut burfi is a great twist to the classic coconut or carrot (halwa) burfis. Also, this makes for a great make-ahead dessert for parties or potluck especially during the busy festival season. HappyandHarried has the recipeFusion Dessert

  19. Kesar Badam Cupcakes with Shrikhand Frosting

    It’s not like we need an excuse to have cupcakes in any form or at any time… but I’m giving you one anyway. This recipe for Kesar Badam Cupcakes with Shrikand from the food kiosk just proves that cupcakes are here to stay!Fusion Desserts

  20. Berry Srikhand

    This Diwali, serve your guests a bowl of Berry Srikhand, a sweetened yoghurt dish prepared using freshly mashed blueberries and strawberries. Adding a handful mixture of crushed almonds and pistachios to this fusion dish makes it an ideal dessert to feast upon. Saumya ki Rasoi shares the recipe. Fusion Desserts

  21. Paan Truffles with Gulkand Centers

    Easy recipe for the ultimate ambrosial Indian fusion dessert plus a mouth freshener to boot?all in under 10 minutes! Presenting Paan truffles with goodness of Gulkand…! Recipe Courtesy: IndfusedFusion Desserts

  22. Jamun (Black Plum) Icecream

    Black plum, also popularly known as Jambul or Jamun, is a nutritious seasonal fruit found in abundance in Asia. Binjal’s veg Kitchen shares this decadent no churn, eggless Jamun ice cream. Go Indulge!Fusion Desserts

  23. Firni Falooda Trifles

    A trip to heaven and back is assured with this delectable combination of sweet rice pudding (Firni) and Falooda which is vermicelli made from arrowroot and soaked in sweet Rose syrup or any other kind. Ideal for a Festive family dinner or to break the fast during Ramadhan. Hop on to applemint for the recipe.Fusion Desserts

  24. Mango Cheesecake Bhapa Doi –

    Bhapa doi or steamed yogurt pudding is a very easy and quick cheesecake like dessert. The Divine spice box has taken this simple dessert to a new level by simply combining the flavours of the aromatic mangoes of the season and transformed the humble Bhapa Doi into a gorgeous and totally delicious mango cheesecake. Your guests won’t even miss the cream cheese in this silky, creamy and smooth dessert.Fusion Desserts

  25. Easy Ricotta Rasmalai

    Going by the changing palette of Global Indians, this recipe of Ricotta cheese Rasmalai from savoryandsweetfood is an interesting option. The Rasmalai is made sticking to the authentic recipe of using flavoured milk. But malai dumplings are prepared by baking the ricotta cheese in the oven.Fusion Desserts

  26. Peda Pies

    Make these unique Peda pies for dessert at your next dinner party and wow your guests as they try to figure out the delicious combination of Buckwheat flour and Bottle gourd in this gluten free fusion dessert

    Fusion Desserts

  27. Kiwi fruit sandesh

    With that Kiwi twist, your Sandesh is likely to be the heart stealer for this Diwali season. This Kiwi creamy mixture is mouth-wateringly delicious.Recipe: Magna MagazinesFusion Dessert

  28. Avocado Kalakand

    The humble Kalakand goes green! Erivumpuliyumm  shows you how to sneak in avocado or other fruits like mangoes in this delectable Indian Fusion Desserts with a twist Fusion Desserts

  29. Mango Lassi Poppy Seed Muffins

    These muffins are heavenly ! They are organic and healthy and give your festive dessert table a whole new look. … a must try this  festive season. An edible mosaic has the recipe.Fusion desserts

  30. Fresh Water Chestnut Pannacotta

    Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert which literally means cooked cream. Water chestnuts are a seasonal produce that is available for a couple of months only, mostly around diwali season. They are also used in Fast/ Vrat recipes. This Delicious and unique take on the humble pannacotta is a must try! As Gordon Ramsay says “It’s the Sexiest Desert in the world”.Fusion Desserts

  31. Turmeric Icecream

    With Turmeric Latte taking the world by storm, can Turmeric Icecream be far behind? Check this glorious fusion dessert, recipe courtesy: Mad about KitchenFusion Dessert

Tips to keep in mind
Keep it simple. One beautifully presented, delicious mithai will be much more appreciated than a confusing array with lots of variety.
Most mithai can be prepared a day or two in advance if stored correctly. Use that time to your advantage so that you don’t have to rush around at the last minute.
Always keep some dried fruits and nuts in your pantry for emergencies – with these to hand you can whip up something delicious at a moment’s notice.
Think out of the box. You don’t always have to use the same flavour combinations. Do a little research to find out what goes well together and apply something new to your mithai. Fruits and Nuts in various combinations add an extra zing to desserts
A little goes a long way. Keep the portion serving sizes small, people can always help themselves to more if they wish.

The food trends in India have always followed the paths of exploration, and now with these newly-fangled fusion desserts — there is no going back for this food fad. Culinary traditions now are being revived, so try these fusion dessert recipes and indulge your sweet tooth to some extraordinaire desserts.

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