20 DIY Ways To Throw The Best Spy Agent Birthday Party Ever

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Arthi is really famous among her friend circle for throwing amazing themed Parties for her daughters.. She also suggested Lil p’s Indian Mythology themed party if you guys remember..Today I’m sharing 20 ideas from her blog on how to throw a fabulous Spy Agent Birthday Party

Click through for 20 DIY Ways To Throw The Best Spy Agent Birthday Party Ever - Decor, Game Ideas for your kids, Themed party food ideas & more

Here are some ideas that you can borrow to have a Super duper Spy/Agent party for your kids.

Theme – Spy Agent Birthday Party

Color Code -Red and Black


Decor for the Spy Agent Birthday Party –

The decor was simple with red paper flowers, Red balloons, Red paper hangings, red table cloth and yellow caution tape
Highlight the Spy agent
Use yellow caution tape to mark a restricted area..

The decor highlight for the Spy Agent Birthday Party was the photo backdrop with sound effects paper against which the kids took snaps.


Spy Agent Birthday Party Activities & Games

Each Kid got a personalized ID card with a bar code and a magnifying glass to hunt for clues.



The entry included a hand scan and an ID creation with names by lots of adjective and noun combos.
The activities offered scope for cartwheels, mental and physical. The games included I spy, observation, blind man, 20 questions, decoding,disguise, cryptic clues, art hunt, limbo under laser beams and even smell a rat!

Spy Agent Birthday Party Food

The menu included bread rolls, nachos with bakes beans, corn – veggie salad canopies and red velvet cake & Chocolate swirl cigars…

Goody bags for a Spy Agent Birthday Party

 The goody bag had  a magnifying glass, a funglass, a glitter pen, couple of  scooby wires and a chocopie. They were packed in brown bags labelled Top Secret.
Now isn’t that one fabulous party???  Arthi also does story telling & undertakes Birthday Party assignments.. You can check out her events at

Have a fabulous party theme idea to share?? Write in to artsycraftsymom(at)outlook.com & i’ll feature it on the blog.

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