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Hello! Welcome to Book Worm Fridays at Mindful Meanderings.

I am Vinitha from Poohsden and this week, I am back to share with you another one of  kuttyma’s favorite books.

Eric Carle’s books are a treat both for my daughter and me. I love his books. The hungry caterpillar probably comes to your mind – it is his most famous book. But all of Eric Carle’s books showcase great illustrations (most of Eric Carle’s illustrations are collages and textured) and have a great way of reaching toddlers and their parents.

the very busy spider

The busy spider is a simple book about a spider spinning its web. The book has embossed yarn (raised printing) as web so kids can actually feel the thread. It is a great sensory tool. It also teaches them about spiders and their habitat.

This is a great book for kids aged 12 months and up. I have been working on a series of homes with kuttyma (pointing nests and kennels) and this worked well carrying on that theme. Older kids can start off this book and discover and learn more about spiders.

Here are a couple of spider inspired activities for toddlers – Spin/Lace your web – I cut out a circle and punched holes on it. I tied a piece of yarn in one of the holes, demonstrated how to lace and kuttyma did the rest.
– Hopping Webs – I taped colorful duct/painter’s tape on the floor and we did a great pretend-play session

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– Sing – Little Miss Muffet and Itsy-bitsy Spider are great rhymes based on spiders.


Eric Carle was our artist of choice for January’s Artsy-Craftsy and we decided to capture the bright colours seen in his books using corn syrup paints (another artwork seen here)


There are more spider ideas for older kids and adults on my Pinterest board here

Happy Reading and Crafting!

Thanks for having us over Shruti and do stop by Poohsden for more toddler crafts and book reviews.

P.S: I own a copy of the book and have received no compensation for the reviews. All views and opinions expressed are solely mine.

Thanks Vini… It was lovely having you back a second time 🙂 Would you like to be a part of this series too? Email me. And have you entered my giveaway happening at FB? Please leave a comment before 13tth Feb

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