Book Worm Fridays – What Makes a Rainbow?

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Esther & CJ have a lovely post and craft idea on this book.. Snippets from her post –

Little Rabbit and his mother are waiting under a red flower petal umbrella(shelter for the Rain). When the rain stops, Momma says soon we will see a rainbow. Little Rabbit asks his mother “What makes a rainbow?” She says him to find out the answer from his friends. As little Rabbit asks his friends(insects and animal) in the forest, each one tells him a different color based on their own color. At the end of the book, the Mama rabbit concludes RAIN, COLORS and SUNSHINE makes a rainbow.

CJ loves Pop up books and so it became her favorite. CJ enjoys seeing the different colored ribbons that appear with the turn of each page and finally the pop up rainbow. ADORABLE RAINBOW book!

She also has a craft to go with it [ Do follow the link to check out an awesome post]

IMG 6328

She was also kind enough to mention The Rainbow Story that I tell Lil P. Have you read that yet?

We have other rainbow related crafts – The 4 season paper plate art & the rainbow Fish & our rainbow elephant

If you have play dough related crafts do leave a comment at Esther’s Rainbow Art post

and Do you have any rainbow related crafts that you have made… Do share your links here 🙂 ..

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