Let’s bring Creativity Back and #BuildWithHotWheels!

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When my sister and I were kids, we lived in a house with a large-sized living room.

There was a coffee table in the center that was also the centre of all our adventures! It turned into a playhouse as we crawled under it. It turned into a mountain as we clambered over it. It was a bridge one day for the trains and sometimes a party house for our dolls.

But best of all, it turned into an obstacle course when we added cardboard boxes and pillows and all sorts of sundry stuff around it.

Needless to say, my Mom was not impressed! Haha! But we sure did know how to have fun.

“Give children toys that are powered by their imagination, not by batteries.” ~ H. Jackson Brown

Call me a frustrated mom, but Miss P is just not as creative with her free time as we used to be! I hear the words “I’m Bored! Can I watch TV?” nearly 5 times a day.  All that time she spends with electronic devices in “solitary confinement” makes me feel like I’m losing an important connection with her.

That’s why, I think it’s more important than ever that, as parents, we ensure our kids are given lots of opportunities for creative play.

Why Creative Play?

Play is essential to a child’s intellectual and physical development. I love crafting with Miss P. We make our own board games, build little fairy houses, even props that go with a good book reading session.

Being creative exercises the brain cells, encourages problem-solving and learning, and helps kids develop social skills, adaptability & intelligence. Plus making and building stuff together is great fun!


 Let’s bring Creativity Back and #BuildWithHotWheels!

Hot Wheels®, the popular brand of die-cast cars and track-sets by Mattel Toys, unveiled its latest brand campaign aimed at making learning more fun.

Ditch the screens & bring creativity back as we watch Rob #BuildWithHotWheels and other household stuff to make a super-awesome track with the Domino effect!

They have partnered with Mad Stuff With Rob, the popular kids’ digital channel to launch their campaign aimed at making learning more fun.

We love Rob, and his show MAD on Pogo. Now, we are ardent followers on YouTube.  One reason Rob’s show is so huge with kids is the way he uses seemingly non-crafty things to create gorgeous works of art and really clever creations. And that’s exactly what he’s done with Hot Wheels® too!

Ditch the screens & bring creativity back as we watch Rob #BuildWithHotWheels and other household stuff to make a super-awesome track with the Domino effect!

Using cars, tracks, and common household materials, Rob has shown kids how to create different terrains for their Hot Wheels – Cityscape, Desert, Forest, Underwater and Volcanic terrain.

My absolute favourite is the Hot Wheels Space station. Which one is yours? I didn’t think he could ace that, but Boy was I wrong!

Go Domino!

BuildWithHotWheels domino 001

Rob has definitely saved the best for the last, as the finale video in this series proves that!

The finale video received an overwhelming response from consumers, garnering a total of 21,403 views till date! See for yourself ..


Now tell me you weren’t seriously impressed after watching that! The track structure travels all the way from the bedroom,


through the balcony, down the stairs,


along the kitchen counter and into the living room where Rob is waiting to watch TV with a bowl of popcorn!


The Hot Wheels® track sets have some cool features that I love, like speed loops, power boosters, pivot points, steep drops, launchers and more. I can’t wait to try some of these myself.


And nothing has been spared in building this awesome track! Ordinary household materials find their way in – pencils, books, wooden blocks, rubber bands, craft sticks, strings, balls – even toilet paper! This seriously gives new meaning to the phrase – ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’!!


Well, this amazing track structure may make my sister’s and my obstacle course look pretty tame, but it sure gives us a lot of fresh inspiration.

Play with Purpose

Children who watch their parents engage in creative activities are more likely to embrace these activities themselves. And If your child is a Hot Wheels fan make sure to try building an obstacle course together and share a picture with us!

Do let us know what else you plan to build around your own Hot Wheels Track Sets.

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