Imaginative Play and Child Development #BuildWithHotWheels

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I sprinted down the stairs at my parent’s home, it was the morning after Diwali. As I walked into the living room, I saw my niece delighted in her  play with my daughter. They had built a fort out of cardboard boxes and were pretend-playing that it was their Barbie’s grand palace.  Something about them made me stop.

Part astonishment, part admiration, part joy! I looked at my dad and said, “They look so happy!”. My dad’s response hit home really hard! He said, “Yeah, children can make toys out of anything!”

Imaginative Play and Child Development Imaginative Play and Child Development #BuildWithHotWheels . Enjoy hours of DIY fun with Rob as he shows us how in his new video series.

Isn’t it true? We as adults can often undervalue imaginative play.  Simple play is a child’s way of engaging and making sense of the world.

But when your living room looks like a multicolored minefield of legos, paints , dolls and cars and you hear – “Mumma I’m bored!”, keeping your sanity can get difficult.

If you’re wondering what to do when kids proclaim that they’re bored of their toys, there’s an easy and fun way out – DIY!

Just check out the new 5 part #BuildwithHotWheels series of videos by Rob.


In these videos, he shows us how you can use the Hot Wheels Power Booster Kit from the Hot Wheels Engineering Series to create a whole new Construction zone & a Desert Zone.

#BuildWithHotWheels – Construction Zone Chaos

And you have to check out the latest one –

#BuildWithHotWheels – Desert Storm

For me, I LOVE the DIY. Miniature desert minarets, crashing cardboard dinosaurs & thermocol cactus and a card race. Haha! So much fun.


By adding cardboard boxes, basic craft supplies and a few knick-knacks from around the house, you can build your very own construction zone! Kids can experiment with different heights, larger loops and more to see the various ways they can get their cars to move. The more challenges, the more fun!

This is just one example of how kids can utilize their regular toys for both fun and creative thinking. Here are some more

Advantages of incorporating DIY into your favorite toys:

  • You get more use out of your existing toys
  • It teaches kids to focus on quality rather than quantity
  • It encourages kids to think of different ways to use their toys
  • It enhances problem-solving skills as they experiment to overcome challenges
  • It brings out their creativity and imagination

Plus kids love to play with their parents!  Get creating with them to develop the story and encourage their imagination.

Rob who is an ace at making learning fun, is going to share more videos over the next three months so we parents can gather inspiration.  Each time it’s going to be a different terrain – City scape, Desert, Forest, Underwater and Volcanic terrain created with Hot Wheels tracks and really simple tools and techniques using materials that are easily available at home. We are going to be glued to his YouTube channel – Yup!

As the weather gets colder and the holidays come, the kids are going to be indoors for a while. A DIY project with your favorite toys might just be the perfect indoor activity that’ll keep their hands and brains occupied – What will you #BuildWithHotWheels? Don’t forget to share your DIY terrains with us

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