Tissue Paper Rainbow Flowers

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The kids wanted to make flowers today..

Rainbow flowers.. 
Considering that these are really young kids who can’t handle scissors on their own.. esp to cut a 10 layer paper fold, I kept the craft as easy as I could make it. 
What you will need – 
  1.  6 or 7 tissue papers – V I B G Y O R colours. Cut in rectangles – size A3
  2. 1 pipe cleaner

To make –

  1. Layer the tissue papers on top of each other in order. 
  2. Accordion fold along the short edge 
  3. Tie in the center using a pipe cleaner
  4. If you have older kids, cut the edges in a U shape at both ends. 
  5. Unfurl one colour at a time.
We also made a paper plate garden diorama.. Don’t have the individual craft pic though. 
Here are the happy faces.. 🙂
CraftClass4 TissuePaperFlower

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  1. oh yes. Simone loves these too… she makes smaller ones.. in single colours and either hangs them or sticks them on the wall in thier room.. 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m looking to make some tissue paper pompoms for my daughters birthday party. Please let me know where to buy large siZe tissue papers, will they be available in Itsy Bitsy, HSR Layout, Bangalore?

    Thanks for the ideas 🙂